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Monday, 12 October 2015

butterfly in slow motion - part 1

Tatting a butterfly in slow motion, I mean...
I chose yellow and black, dmc size 80 thread, just in spite of showing better the pattern, but I'd rather not suggest a so strong difference in colours, for the fact that hiding ends into each other colour is difficult, and maybe if you are fussy like me you'd like to avoid colours' blips.

The pattern is here:
But I'm - bumbling - sorry that in my patterns there's always something to amend. In this case, points in wings, marked as face inward picots, they are down sided joins instead. As you'll see later, I tatted CWJ there, because I wanted a smooth effect.

PART 1 - Wings.

I started with 2 shuttles loaded with those two colours but unwind a short tail from black. The pattern starts with a chain, I left a loop as though it was a scmr:
I've a drawing that shows how I tat a face inward Josephine Ring, it is here:

I did a shoelace trick, then started the first chain.
At that point I cut the black and added the yellow for the first ring, hiding both ends inside the first double stitches (black inside the ring and yellow inside next chain):

The pattern is then a series of rings and chains partly connected to the central motif. The upper part of the wing starts switching shuttles and direction, so that chains will be yellow and rings will be black.

I continued till the point where the chain must be joined to the lower part.
Then, here there is the point where I put up and down joins very close together in the same chain. As it is a little fiddly, I'll put it off till the next post.



  1. I love this and have downloaded your pattern I can't wait to start I just am struggling over the colors to choose from, I had just started another before your post and have one wing to go!

  2. Lovely butterfly, I am like Carollyn will have to think of the colours to chose, I am away for a few days this week so will give it some thought when I come back

  3. Thank you Carollyn and Margaret! Can't wait to see what colours you choose. I'd like trying light blue and brown, but think to add a red bead in place of the JR...

  4. Gorgeous butterfly! I thought it was a real butterfly when I first saw it.

  5. Gorgeous! And, as usual, some interesting techniques/effects :-) Will get to this some day for sure !
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Well I tried it and will post soon I got to excited and skipped a picot (I did this on both sides so it would look the same next one I will not forget it!) and I did not do the shoelace just flipped it instead, also I did not understand the Josephine zig-zag I have done this different ways and so I did 4 half stitches switch shuttles 4 and so on.

    1. I can't wait to see it! For the antenna, I think that this link could help:

  7. Thanks Ninetta, I checked it out!


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