Monday, 2 November 2015

not without a hitch

The adventure with the large doily finished, I enjoyed tatting it even if I had hitches in the process: bits of thread not twisted, oversights, ...
... and what a bitter pill to swallow that the last two rings of the very last wheel needed some more thread than that on the shuttle!
The adventure started in middle January:

Then, when I reached the wheels' round, I found that I had wrongly read the pattern, but I went on, considering that would not a big fault, anyway:

After a month later I suspended it because I run out the multicoloured thread. I had to wait till October, when Fox rescued me with a new fresh ball ( and I still have some left over for another little project.

Diameter is 30.5 cm.

It already found a new home, my mum loves it!



  1. So happy Congratulations on this masterpiece! You are a wonderful tatter and very skilled :) I love Annie Orr and you did the cover! You are the president of the Club :)
    I know you will have a great week with this crown on you head :)

  2. I can’t do any better than Madtatter80 with my words! Wonderful tatting, Ninetta. No wonder your mom loves it. : ))

  3. I'm glad it has a good home. Wonderful to see a traditional pattern given a modern twist.

  4. Thank you very much, Fox and Jane!

  5. This is really beautiful. I'm glad your Mum loves it and it has a good home. What a giant project - 30.5 cm in size 80 thread! Wow!

  6. Stephanie and Sue, thank you for visiting me :-)

  7. Gorgeous a real master piece of tatting

  8. Beautiful ! Love the comparative background :-)
    No hitch in finding a home !


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