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Thursday, 19 November 2015

old and curled

(curled - not curved!)
That is not an original design, but a modified vintage pattern, motif n.66 in the issue n.1 of "Il lavoro chiacchierino" by Mani di Fata.

That is the photocopied page of the magazine, no more available, as far as I know.

I inserted a small curled ring in each ring of the original pattern, I'm glad of the result. I like those colours too, one thread is Lizbeth col. 154, the second is a dmc blue col. 798. Both are size 80.

The link below - if you like - points to a review by Georgia Seitz about the Italian magazine. Unfortunately I haven't an original copy of the number one, but only photocopies. If anyone has a chance to find it at their home, it would be very nice to have it scanned and donated to the Antique Patterns Library site.


I thought it was by Mani di Fata, but I was wrong, lately I found that it is "Il Chiacchierino, Vol 1", by "Ancora(Anchor) CCC Filati da Ricamo", 1973 (I'm not sure about the date, though). Same pattern is in "Il lavoro chiacchierino n.7" by Mani di Fata, page 46.


  1. A good way to update the pattern. Pretty result!

  2. Lovely motif and interesting twist on an old pattern

  3. I love this and the colors you have chosen too! At first I thought they were onions rings, till I saw the close up. This would be great as a doily, as always well done superb!

  4. Love your use of curled rings instead of joins :-) You always give us something to think about :-)

    1. Ty muskaan, small cr are positioned at the base of normal rings in the pattern. I learnt that a cr can be tatted with the core or ball thread but a small cr can be tatted only with the ball thread. I think I can share the pattern, as it is more than 70yo.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.