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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

a curled inside ring

Hope you all had wonderful holidays! Here in Italy today is called the day of the "Befana", an old woman that gives gift to good children and coal to naughty ones! Are you enjoying your Epiphany?

These are all floating rings 8ds, picot, 8ds; picots are normal length, the difference between the second and the third it's in the way they have been curled. The second is a normal curled ring, as explained by Muskaan (curled over on a chain, option 2, ). The third is another possibility that I found by chance, while I was tatting something else, but I like that effect.
Start with a normal floating ring, then add that curled effect inserting the hook inside the ring and inside the picot from the back to the front (you would see the picot turned upside down), I found that it is better if I take the crochet hook facing up. Take a loop from the ball thread and pass the core shuttle as a normal join, positioning the join at the base of the ring. Continue with the chain normally.

We had relaxing holidays, the most part spent inside home or by relatives' home. We visited friends in L'Aquila, the city is still recovering from the earthquake in 2009:

We lived there 15 years, the most beautiful years of my life. Now we live near Rome, there are many advantages living close to such a wonderful city, but (truth be told) we don't often go there for a walk, only one or two times per year. Actually, this year already one time! The New Year's Day my dear husband and Iwent to a theatre in Rome, very close to San Pietro, there was a show by a famous quick-change artist, maybe someone out there has heard of Arturo Brachetti (, we enjoyed so much the whole time there, it's incredible that he can be that fast to completely change dress while he turns around himself!

A seagull: it isn't uncommon to see them in Rome, even in winter!



  1. Great technique!!! :)
    I love your use of it on that beautiful motif!!!! :)

  2. You are an expert! love your colors you have use too! Hoping your new year is filled with wonderful things :)

  3. You've done it again :-D Lovely heart-shaped effect

  4. I remember the earthquake and pleased to see the town rebuilding now, it's a shame when very old buildings with so much history are distroyed by nature
    Another new technique, I can't keep up with you, looks interesting

  5. Thank you very much for course :)


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