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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

desire to knit

Thank you very much for your nice comments in last post about the beaded bracelet. I think it'd be nice tatting a second one and giving that as a gift, if only I had more mini beads! I've bought a 10gr. packet and they are almost gone, not sufficient for another bracelet. Then I've been getting sick of the tatter's block! In the last couple of days I've had an insane desire to knit, hoping that would have grown my wrist's muscle -- as per your suggestion ;-P --, but it didn't work ...

That is a super-easy knitting pattern, sorry I'm not familiar with knitting terms in English, so asked google for help and I've found this link:
I'm making one knit stitch and one purl stitch, alternated, one meter and half scarf, then I will knit in the same way a rectangular piece, sew it to the scarf in the back and under arms to obtain a sort of shrug. My wrist is in a pain, I'm warming up radiators instead of having a new shrug and coming back to tatting soon! In that picture there's the last (maybe) round of the orange doily.

That's the pattern for the miniduo bracelet:

Tools: a gauge of 1cm wide (or 0.4 inch), used horizontally;
a thin wire, folded, to be used as a needle.
The 2 strands wound together are dmc E703 and dmc special dentelles colour num. 94. They are very similar to a single size 50 thread. Miniduo beads are 2x4mm, normal glass beads are Gutermann rocailles 11/o.
Load CTM 2 shuttles, putting in SH1 - for each split ring - 4 normal rounded glass beads and 2 miniduo beads, then in SH2 - for each split ring - 2 miniduo beads.

From now on, MD will stand for "miniduo bead", and NB for "normal rounded bead".

The lenght is up to you. Start with a normal ring of 12 ds, close. With SH1 start a split ring, putting 2 MD plus 2 NB inside the loop around the hand. Tat 4ds, then slip 2 MD in place of a picot, 2 NB from the shuttle and tat 4ds. Tat the second part of the split ring: 4ds, let 2 MD in the picot's place and slide the 2 NB in place under those MDs, then tat another 4ds and close the split ring.
I finished the line of split rings with a normal ring of 10ds.

The second part around the line of split rings starts fastening the thread at the base of the first normal ring. You'd have two shuttles loaded CTM, where you put in SH1 the MDs (2 for each split ring you have) and in SH2 the NBs (2 for each split ring you have).

(*) Start a chain 2ds, then a little ring 2ds-long picot-2ds. Use always the picot's gauge of 1cm, horizontally. Then a chain 8ds, slip a MD from SH1 and tat 4ds.
(**) Start a ring with SH1: 2ds; using a thin wire as an helper, fold it and grab the long picot through the MD holes, the 2 from the line of split rings and the new one inserted in last chain, join and continue the ring with 2ds-long picot-2ds.
Put a NB from SH2, chain 4ds, slip a MD from SH1 and tat 4ds. repeat from (**).

Turning to the opposite side: after slipping the last MD tat 8ds, a ring 2ds, join the last long picot through the MD beads, 2ds. Repeat from (*).



  1. I am sure your doily and knitting will turn out beautiful! :)
    Thank you for sharing your bracelet pattern!! :)
    Hope your wrists heal soon!! :)

  2. Oh wow you printed the direction out that is great, and I have to go find these beads too! I think knitting is fun and you have to go with your feelings when you are creative as you are :)

  3. I hope your wrist comes right soon! One day I'll find those kind of beads and then I'll make your bracelet, thanks for the pattern. Good luck with the knitting.

  4. I look forward to seeing your lovely scarf in single rib pattern.
    Thank you fir the pattern it's a beautiful bracelet
    Hope your wrist heals soon, rest was my only way of getting it better.

  5. :-D Now you do know that I did not want you to grow muscles at the cost of tatting, rather With tatting ;-) Hope your wrist heals soon & you can be comfortable again.
    Would be nice to see the shrug. I find it very boring to knit simple K,P etc. but it is a very good choice for your variegated yarn.


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