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Friday, 26 February 2016


It all started because I messed up the blog (ahem!) and the picture that links to the Facebook Badge stopped working.

I solved resetting some modification here and was easy, but before that, I tried to update the profile picture, in fact I supposed - wrongly - that I had to refresh that. So it was at that time that I uploaded a new picture of the black pendant. I'm very grateful for all the nice comments I had, and I commented putting the link to the pattern. But... that is in Italian and someone realized it!
And well, here it is the English version.

I used a metallic rings to keep his rounded shape, that kind that are used to make coil bracelets, I cut the metal only after I had the right size, after the last crocheted round. Yes, ops, I crocheted!

·         I used cotton thread size 80
·         2 shuttles or one shuttle and the ball
·         1 metallic ring, that kind that are used to make coil bracelets
·         (optional) beads 9/o (total 26 in ball thread - second shuttle)
·         1 doodad with 2 holes, mine was diameter 15mm
·         a crochet hook, a needle to hide ends

Two rounds. You can choose to climb with a SR, but it seems that the SR deforms in the stretching and I didn't like it.

First round: ( Ring 10-5-10; Chain 2-2 (optional a bead in picot) ) repeat 14 times, join the doodad in two opposite chains (in place of the picot), cut and tie.

Second round: ( Ring 3-3-3-3; (optional: slide a bead) Chain 5+3+5, join to consecutive rings in previous row ) repeat 14 times, do not cut thread

Pass the metallic wire in each top picots of rings in 2nd round and with one of the tails make a single crochet over the other tail and all around the wire. Cut and tie.

The pendant was one in the set I made in 2010, most of them were given away as xmas' presents. (link: pendants: a set by ninettacaruso on Flickr)

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  1. Thank you for the English it nice of you to do this for the English speaking fans :) it's beautiful.

  2. Thank you for the English it nice of you to do this for the English speaking fans :) it's beautiful.

  3. Lucky recipients of those gifts Ninetta, they're fabulous!

  4. What a superb array of pendants ! Thanks for sharing it all :-)

  5. Gorgeous pendant, and for the pattern


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