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Monday, 14 March 2016

always the same old story (but with curled rings)

We have our (Italian) idiom to say that, and guess? There's a food word, of course! We say "sempre la solita minestra" (always the same soup). There are yummy soups, that you don't ever get tired of. But even the most tasty recipe needs to be spiced up in a different way, once in a while.

I love split rings and I tat a lot of bracelets, there's many beads arrangements that create always the one of a kind, that amuse me.

I created a board on Pinterest to collect different examples with split rings, I hope to add even more.
Here is the link:

Follow Ninetta's board split rings bracelets on Pinterest.

I played with split ring bracelets again, and had that "why-not" moment for my same old soup.

Two shuttles (SH1 and SH2). String in SH1 all needed beads, I put 20 beads for a bracelet for me, add more if you want a necklace.  Thread is HWT (Hand Wound Thread - BC3's copyright here!), one strand of silk Faro size 3 and one strand Finca (light gold Hilo Metalizado, 1000mts, Presencia Hilaturas),  they are very close to a size 20. Curled rings are all 8-8. Pattern start with a normal ring, then I added the second thread,

- slide one bead and tat a split ring (loop always with SH1): 6-2/8; the bead will stay blocked at the end of the split ring in the loop.
- CR with SH2 : 8-8, fold always around the base of previous SR, from back to front, normal join

(*) - slide one bead and tat a split ring with SH1: 2+(join to previous SR) 6 / 6-2
- CR with SH1 : 8-8
- slide one bead and tat a split ring with SH1: 6-2 / 2+(join to previous SR) 6
- CR with SH2 : 8-8

Repeat from (*) for the length you want, a bracelet or a necklace. I finished my bracelet with the method showed by Miranda here:
Good-bye – Au revoir
( )


  1. Very interesting and pretty bracelets

  2. These are great Ninetta, Please consider making a few for the tatting scholarship fundraiser this year.

  3. Thank you very much. I try do this bracelet. It's beautiful. Thanks a lot :-)


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