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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

how to skin a cat

Just the other day I've learned that funny idiom: "there's more than one way to skin a cat". Apart that poor cat (we don't have any similar image to say that in Italian!), it reminded me that, despite at least two other ways, I have my personal way to avoid the little "blip" of colour in joins, while working with two coloured threads.

I learned about the blipless join at first in Jane Eborall's page here:

Then I started experimenting a little and found another way to do it. I was quite happy with my join and got used to it, when I found this blog post by Frivole:

Anyway, the right way is what work for us, our "tool" is the hand and everyone knows their own hands.

So that is just how I do it, what works for me, even if - actually - it doesn't urge me to avoid the "blip" very often!

I've put two drawings in flickr:

- joining colours with no blips:
- joining colours with no blips - 2nd side SR:



  1. Thank you for sharing your technique!! :)

  2. Namaste, Ninetta :-) Thanks for sharing this pictorial - very clear steps ! I just tried it, & it works ! Only needed to be careful not to tension the join too closely/tightly to the picot.
    Did you consider the join in your stitch count as fhs ?
    The 2 steps are fairly easy to perform.

  3. Must try this looks easier thanks for sharing

  4. Thank you Sue, Muskaan and Margaret.
    Muskaan: yes I usually consider any join as the first half, not only for that blipless join. Just another thing that works for me! :)


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