Friday, 6 May 2016


Thank you very much for your last comments, I loved all suggestions I had for using the thread left in shuttles.
About that cheap shuttles, I'm content for now, they work good and I don't care to use the nail file if that helps me to save money for buying threads!

About the "mediterranean tatting diet": ready and finished, it was yummy! But you will see it after few posts about the pattern. I was ready to start the bookmark only when I tatted all these pieces:

That was less than what I tatted for the first version last year (at that time I picked only selected fruit for the lunch), in fact I had 3 versions of the strawberry, 2 for leaves and 2 for flowers and some failures. Then arrives that moment, when you slap your forehead with your palm. I found a funny dictionary online, no - sorry - it's a serious one, where they explain what a "facepalm index" is. Link is here:
If that was applied to my tatting design moments, I would get an FPI around 3, not bad though :-)

That is the pattern for the strawberry (2 versions) and calyx. Let me know if it's clear. I'll put it in flickr, too.

Allaha ısmarladık
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  1. Your delicious strawberry goes onto my to-do list, thank you!

  2. Beautiful strawberry, this is going on my to do list thank you

  3. Pretty summery bookmark. Thank you for the pattern.

  4. w-) :-f
    I hope you keep your palms occupied with shuttle instead of face/forehead ;-P

  5. I love your strawberries, with the flowers and leaves

  6. Oh, such a charming strawberry bookmark! And as usual your pattern is a model of clarity. Well done!

  7. My favorite summer fruit! Starting soon.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.