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Friday, 1 July 2016

oh sugar sugar!

That's just a joke: I posted a pic in my FB page of some squares made with a sugar paste (I used a silicone mold), it's the so called "sweet lace" - also in Italian -, and I found a mold that looks like a tatted square! Who commented laughed a lot, and I did the same, even someone asked for a pattern!

So, why not? Just to have fun, I drew a square, then tatted it with white dmc size 70, and it's almost like the sugar! 
Oh, Sugar, Sugar! It's been since Tuesday that I've in mind that melody and can't help myself, I have to whistle!

Here you are the sugar squares to be compared with it. Truth be told, I don't think that my tatting came out like the mold... especially because one took so long to be ready (about 2 hours), while the sugar paste was very collaborative and I had 24 in one hour!!

The centre is a round of little rings 3-3. I used a pin as an helper, I did the same in the tricky flower in the centre of Renulek's WIOSNA2016. Last ring was a split ring.
That let me climb to the next round with another SR. This is the second round finished:

And this is the third round finished, with a different background:

... I almost forget to show you a gift just received from one of my beloved aunts:
Mani di Fata - "Il Lavoro Chiacchierino #19". There's their usual traditional tatting (a tablecloth, a dozen white doilies, also attached to linen) but this time they put free-form tatting (there's a lovely picture with 2 birds on a branch) and separate written instructions for needle-tatters. Very few schematics (visual patterns) but that's good, they used to have only written instruction. Just as curiosity, one rectangular doily has squared motifs that are the same found in another old pubblication I got, there used as edging's corner, here arranged in a beautiful way, I'll tell you more about it!

Do vasidenia.


  1. Lip-smackingly delicious :P !!!!

  2. I love the tatted square! How wonderful to have found a tatting shaped mold. Sugar, sugar, indeed!

  3. Your square looks good enough to eat! Thanks for the pattern. Wow, inspiration comes from all sorts of places, doesn't it?

  4. This is a sweet pattern love it and will look for this book!

  5. Wow, your sugar lace is amazing! And I really like your matching tatted square too. :-)

  6. Lovely sugar pattern, I saw the post where they asked for the pattern,
    Your sugar squares are lovely are you going to use them to decorate a cake or something.
    I looked hard for the tatting magazine in Austria and Switzerland to no avail, love the sound of tatted birds on a branch.

    1. :) a detour to Milano? Canetta's shop is very close to Duomo!


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