Friday, 8 July 2016

where's the yellow gone?

Puff! Disappeared! An entire ball of DMC Special Dentelles size 80 yellow (colour 744)!

Ok, I know they are very high quality but low quantity: they are only 5gr. balls. DMC says they are 90 m. of thread, I trust them, never measured! I can wind my tiny shuttles 3 times (full capacity) with one ball.  Also, I almost finished the white B5200. The 13th row is all green then! (colour 471)!

It may be useful to know, that dmc has 3 hues for the white, my favourite is B5200, the bright white.

I love this pattern, fast and easy, thank you so much Renata!

Hasta luego (see you soon)
( )
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  1. Interesting that there are 3 whites - have to make sure you're using the same one each time. Your doily is beautiful.

  2. Your doily is so beautiful!!! :)
    My friend saw my doily the other day and commented on how lacy it looks in the smaller thread, I totally agree!! :)

  3. You are so quick ! It looks Gorgeous & I keep getting tempted to add colours to mine ;-)


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.