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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

aunt's action plan

If you visit her in August, she's giving finishing touches to her handmade Xmas' gifts! Yes, because she starts early, -"because well done handmade crafts demand your time - she says - and then you sure want to have a rest when the season is coming, aren't you, and of course you love visiting friends in December, ..."-  I've always tried to follow the aunt's plan, without success. During this year I've started few different things, incomplete, and for some of them I also changed my mind. Anyway, that's only to warn myself  I'd better start something for Xmas.
glass balls
To cover that glass ball, I've used Finca light gold (Hilo Metalizado, 1000mts, Presencia Hilaturas), double strand, 35% Polyester and 65% Viscose, but I doubled the thread to make it thicker. Tatting is in 3 parts, joined with a bare thread with the help of a needle.

Do you remember that I'm learning Bosa's lace? The ladies from Bosa, maestre of their Sardinian filèt called  “SU LÀURU 'OSINCU”, are coming again by a month, and I can't wait! I hurried finishing the net from last year and that's the frame completed:
And this is only one of them, after cutting from the net:
I'm still learning, I beg you don't look too close!

So, that's why I've less tatting this week! By the end of this week (I hope) I'll show you my progress on the green&purple doily with CR and wide picots.... this one: .... Mmmm, I need a name! Would you rather help me or suggest me a names generator link?

¡Pura Vida!
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  1. Wow ! Your lace pieces are spectacular !!!! Hope you show more pics of individual pieces ?
    Doily name that came to mind : Equinox (or it's Italian equivalent) - a perfect balance between normal rings, curled rings, normal picots, wide picots, short chains, long chains ;-)

  2. Your lace is beautiful Ninetta! Hmm, your aunt is very organised, we should all be more like her. Your bauble is a wonderful start.

  3. Your glass ornament is very beautiful!!! :)
    And your other lacework is fabulous!! :)

  4. Invisiballs! What a great name! Your Sardinian lace is lovely too. I'm so glad to see the ITalian too, I can practice plus learn more Italian lace words.

    1. Thank you Michelle. Italian is difficult for us too, but I'd make less mistakes than in my English!!! :D h-(

  5. great bauble, en I love the other type of lace too!

  6. Brilliant glass ball, love your Italian lace net, your aunt was well organised I wish I was as good as her.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.