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Friday, 30 September 2016

this way or that, it's always a fun time

I'm enjoying all rounds. I wonder if this patter could work in total white ... I'm sorry, this doily hasn't a proper name yet!

While tatting, I make a note about the way I'm doing it, as suggested in Muskaan's This Way or Tat exercise, and I found that for this doily - unconsciously - there's a mix of ways and changes of directions and not always the same method to hide ends, too. In the case of a new design, often the thread must be cut, just because that is the prototype, so it happens that I cut a quarter of one round to change stitches' count.

Basically I'm having fun, so in general I don't care cuts nor the direction.

Nevertheless, I like the look of all front side tatting, in this case emphasized by the curled rings.

Rounds with only chains: tatted with normal ds (flipped), clockwise direction.
Rounds with little rings and curled rings: chains tatted with reverse stitches – these are not flipped, and the order of half stitches is reversed; rings tatted normally. These rounds grow in counterclockwise direction.

All little rings used in centres are tatted separately and closed using the magic trick to hide their end.

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  1. Absolutely stunning doily!!! :)

  2. What a great project to use for observations for muskaan's This Way or Tat! It is a beautiful doily already.

  3. I agree with above, and add great beauty from your golden hands :)

  4. So pretty! It is interesting to pay conscious attention to direction of tatting, we so often 'just do it'.

  5. I really love the colours you are using and your attention to detail as well, I am missing the Italian group as I was beginning to pick up some Italian

  6. Enjoyment is the overarching objective Always :-)
    Love how your doily is growing and flourishing !
    Perfect observations. Thanks for participating :-)


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.