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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

time means nothing

This little motif is my first attempt to replicate the rose motif at page 15 of Priscilla Tatting #3.

The book can be downloaded at

At page 14 there's a large "Centrepiece in knot stitch tatting" (Figure 48), in which they propose a stitch (different from first or second half of a ds) made with the working shuttle over the thread around the hand, that mimics the ds and can be also used in place of a split chain (when you join to the right with core thread leaving a space of bare thread and go back tatting over that narrow space). In my opinion it is faster than tatting a split chain, once you get the hang of it. But it needs exercise, and my first sample is not as regular as the sample in the book. It took me a ridiculous amount of time! For the centrepiece, you would tat 109 roses and 162 leaves! Tatting all those motifs can take a lifetime! But for sure I'll tat a second one, it's lovely, isn't it?

 Ma'as salaama
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  1. Beautiful! I love the look of that doily, but I've never tried the method. Your piece is inspiring me to try it.

  2. Pretty! The technique looks interesting, I do like split chains but am slow. Maybe this will be faster?

    1. Ty Michelle. Yes may be faster, but you can spot the difference

  3. Pretty :-)Isn't this the same technique you have on flickr, too ?

  4. Thank you Corina, Bernice and Muskaan.
    @muskaan: this is a new technique for me, never tried before...


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