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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

split ring with the monster

It happens, but my monster was very kind, he's split the tatted rings so nicely, I can't complain!

In the next picture, I started the SR, then tatted one ds, leaving the same space as the bugle bead, then tatted the second side of the split ring (8ds), then came again to the first part to tat the wide picot (5ds - they are 6 in total under the wide picot) then finished with 8ds and closed the SR.

Oh, I love it! I'd tat a bunch in all colours!

That is a necklace with matching earrings: where's the monster hiding?
( )

P.S. I haven't got many requests for translating my posts in Italian, only 2 people and less than an handful of posts. So I deducted that my blog is fine as it is, also for Italian visitors, who are always a lot. I suppose I can remove my offer.

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  1. Wonderful bracelet!! :)
    Great necklace and earrings too!! :)

  2. I always wondered what to do with bugle beads, this is a monster I may need to tame too.

  3. Lovely bracelet and necklace, I have not tatted with bungle beads they look so long I really must try this when my eye gets better


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