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Friday, 30 December 2016

and there's still time

I'm quite sure you've already noticed the countdown I put up there before the title, if you click on it you'll be redirected to the site where I've got(obtained) the code to be inserted in the blog. Nice, isn't it?

That's to say Happy New Year to you all, may the New Year bring health, peace and joy in your lives with your beloved families. I wish you the time for your doings and thinking, not only for yourself, but also to give away. I wish you the time - not to hastle and run, but the time to know how to be contented...(click the picture to read more)

"I wish you the time"
"I wish you the time" by Elli Michler (German lyricist)
And I wish you the time for tatting, of course!

There's still time till the end of this year, for tatting a few more of these:
Pattern is in previous post.
Sometimes it's only a matter of time and of a bit of patience:

Felice Anno Nuovo!

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  1. Those are so awesome!!! :) I am thinking they would be perfect for Christmas Secrets next year!!
    I love all your colors!!! :)

  2. Really like these motifs, such a clever design using all those bugle beads.

  3. Such pretties !
    Yes, there's still time and I've been busy trying to tat some more of my Lene Bjorn's snowflakes before the year ends. It will make me feel less guilty of not completing all 24 c-)

  4. Happy New Year! I think we'll get to midnight an hour before you do.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.