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Friday, 17 February 2017

who needs a paperclip?

Did I say it before? I love butterflies! I still have a lot of bugle beads, only 10 are needed for this one-shuttle pattern:
(BB = bugle bead)
Six rings: (NOTE all bugle beads are in the core thread, so not in the ring's loop, they slide in place from the shuttle)
R1: 1-1 BB 6-1 BB 1;
R2: 1 BB 1 +(join to R1) 6 BB 6 BB 1;
R3: 3--(long picot)3 ;
R4: 1 BB 6 BB 6-1 BB 1;
R5: 1 BB 1 +(join to R4) 6 BB 1; Join to first picot in R1
R6: 6, close, tie and cut the thread.

I cut the long picot for antennas and inserted the paperclip in R6 and R3 rings.

Simple rings can do magic sometimes, isn't it?
I'm not sure I need many paperclips, but they are fast and easy. Don't worry, they can't fly away, exept those that have already been "kidnapped" by my mum!



  1. Wonderful butterfly Ninetta, thanks, I'm definitely going to give it a try.

  2. So cute ! Great minds coz I have also used bugle beads for something on a paperclip for Phyllis' monthly surprise ;-P

  3. Fabulous butterfly design!!! :)

  4. these are adorable and thank you for the pattern I have found some beads that are not so sharp on the ends so maybe I will have better luck this time!

  5. I have been tatting up little giveaways, and these are perfect! I love the 3D look. Must try them out.

  6. What a clever design.


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