Tuesday, 7 March 2017

spring at Priscilla's time

This hanky calls for spring and those daisies do the same! (despite the color I chose!) I wonder if the tatter designed this edging in Spring.

Pattern is from Priscilla Tatting Book #2, Fig. 2 page 3. I found that it was published in 1915, but actually I don't know if this pattern is older than the book. By chance, it's the same year that my father's mum was born, in May.

Googling for "vintage tatting pattern daisy edging", it can be found a page via the wayback machine, where the same pattern is rewritten using a modern notation, this is the link: (and I hope it will work for you!)

I've just noticed that I'm wrongly tatting the first leaf, with 14+5-9 instead of 9+5-14, but it seems working as well!

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  1. Very pretty Ninetta, and such a perfect match for the hanky!

  2. One of my favorite edgings, but I didn't know there was a corner for that pattern! Fantastic. It's perfect for spring and for that hanky.

  3. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm :-f
    Dear Stephanie, I make the corner up for this and I've seen another one in pinterest but the edging was with daisies facing inside

  4. I love this pattern and was the first one I made from old book you did a wonderful job 💟🌹💟as always. I do agree I feel the pattern is older than the book too.

  5. Beautiful edging for the hanky, matches the hanky perfectly


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