Tuesday, 4 April 2017


I'd rather say myself be inattentive, since I've had the book for about one year and didn't noticed the medallion in figure 66, Plate VII, from the book "Tatting: Technique and History by Elgiva Nicholls". I found this link, I hope you can open it (scroll pages down a little):

But in the last OTC, Sue mentioned that book and -as always- she has that great talent to push me to look at old things with new eyes. I played with it, at first I replicated the medallion, then combined it with another pattern, that is the triangle in fig.23 from Tatting by Thérèse de Dillmont, available at - (I'm glad that I wrote this link in a previous post, as I've been getting mad to find it again!). That triangle is the base for a lovely bookmark, tatted by Robin, showed in her blog here:

So, that's how I came to this pair of earrings:

Talking about medallions, I've been busy sewing booties with a pattern a friend gave me, from an old italian printed magazine, but it looked naked so I'm going to add the wheels left over from previous project. It's not yet finished and sorry that the photo is not the best, white on white doesn't show at all.

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  1. I love the old patterns too and always nice to return to them, baby boots are sweet and fun to to think of little feet in them🐥💟🐥

  2. I love the booties! And your earrings are marvelous. Thank you for pushing me to look again.

  3. Lovely earrings! Yes, a blog can be a good place to keep a record of links. The booties are sweet, perfect way to use your medallions.

  4. The earrings are wonderful and the bootie is beautiful!!! :)

  5. Beautiful and beautiful! Those booties are just sweet! I love those old books, I find my ability to read those written patterns is slowly disappearing. Must practice!

  6. What a gorgeous baby bootie!


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