Tuesday, 8 August 2017

video posted: tatting the tuft picot

Thank you for all your kind comments in last post.
I put a video in YouTube to show how I'm tatting this tuft picot.

Here it is the video:

In comments, Stephanie suggested "picots separated only by half stitches for the 'tuft' part of the ring", I think that is a similar technique but a little different in the final result. I found that this has been described as the "Mrs Mee picot", by Martha Ess here: "2 second part half stitches with a picot in between"
 ( )
Please tell me if you think that I'm wrong.
In next picture: "Mrs Mee picots" tatted with the gauge vertically above the core thread (I like the name, I don't think it is cumbersome 😊), normal picots and tuft picots  ("shs" means "second half stitch").

Those in the next picture are different alternatives, where the same "base ring" has been used to show tuft picots done with sets of second half stitches, first half stitches and normal double stitches (but tatted with the gauge vertically under the core thread). The tuft picot can be tatted in any place of the ring and on a chain, too.

I started playing with the tuft early this year - could it be February? - then I forgot it and in April I found it in my notebook and I thought "why not, let's sharing that with Muskaan..." (
She helped me a lot to understand possible uses for this "tuft picot" and she is always very supportive, I'm very grateful and blessed to have such friend.

The next are some suggestions I like that came from Muskaan:

1. for hair, ears, feathers, wings, bushy tail, etc. in fauna (animals, birds, butterflies, insects, ....)
2. for flowers - inside as centre , or on outer petals.
3. Fur & Grass – think of closely tatted chains with tufts – could they look like a furry creature or like layers of grass or foliage ?
4. use one of them for joining the next round – this way you will get a tuft on either side of the element.
5. That can be used as "fillers" to create dense areas in the lace.

I was still thinking what to do with the tuft, when, just minutes after watching my video, Muskaan sent me a picture showing me what she had tatted quickly! Someone would have said: "Great Scott!"

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  1. Looks fabulous!!! Great addition to tatting techniques!!! :)
    I love muskaan's piece!! :) Can't wait to see what she shows tatted with the tuffs!! :)

  2. What an interesting and lovely addition to the techniques in tatting! I can't wait to see what designers do with this. (I'm no designer but can follow patterns well). I love to see how tatting has grown with the internet. Hooray!

  3. What a wonderful new technique, I really enjoyed the video. Thank you for not only working out how to do it but making the video,
    I will be trying out this new idea
    Sorry it's a late comment I have not been well the last few days

    1. thank you very much, Margaret! your comments are always welcome, you're never late :-f sorry for your health, you're going to be fine, I hope :)

  4. Your video is Excellent ! Thanks, also for sharing your fun techniques & effects :-)))
    I've just uploaded a comparative study of your picots with 2 other types.
    I'd forgotten about Mrs Mee picots - had a go at them too.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.