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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

fun (or fan) in direct tatting

I started an edging, just for fun, pattern is the last round of a doily, from Needlecraft February 1925 Vol. XVI No. 6 page 20, that I found here:
That is similar to the pattern for the "Piano scarf edging 1916", here:

I'm not joining the base of the down trefoil, that makes a curved edging but on the opposite side.

As it often happens (to me at least!), I began the edging without a clear picture of what to do, but now I think it would be nice for a fan. That's because Caterina, a lady in facebook, asked for help in finding a pattern for a fan and I'm very glad she asked because then I started to think about it. Thank you Caterina!

Then, back to the edging. The colour would be perfect for a fan, but now I should think how to continue... I love tatting puzzles!
I'm using a DMC thread, size 80, colour number 3778.

The shape that I've drawn is based on a fan's dimension of 23cm long from rivet to leaves and 10,5cm sticks from rivet to lace, the shape must be a little bigger to let the lace fold when closed. This shape has already been "tested" with the fan I made in filet lace. Squares in the paper are 4x4mm, paper is a piece of a large notebook, a little bigger than the A3 paper size. Also, remember that the lace stretches a little.

(the open fan is showed at the end of another post, here: Robin's magic tutorial )

The vintage pattern asks for an inward-facing picot, even if it is not mentioned in the written text. A inward-facing picot is also called drop picot or clip picot or down picot, it is a picot made with the core thread. I'm tatting the chains in "direct method tatting", that is tatting reverse stitches, not flipped, like in the second side of a split ring. I wondered how other tatters have made it and then I googled about it. I found something actually, but nothing about inward-facing picot in direct tatting. There's not a great difference, of course I use a pin like in the normal way, but if you please, I put a video in my channel, that is me tatting that picot.
Link to the video:

Useful links:

Some fans' patterns:
This is something about direct tatting:
This is a list of links that I found looking for inward-facing picots:


  1. I look forward to seeing your fan, it's going to be wonderful. There are some lovely fans out there, thanks for the links, they make me want to tat a fan!

  2. Il problema di un ventaglio fatto a "strati" orizzontali è che, volente o nolente, o archi o anelli resteranno sulla piega, per cui chiuso resterà troppo ingombrante. Secondo me un ventaglio a chiacchierino va fatto a "fette" verticali. A meno che l'obiettivo sia fare un ventaglio da esporre, da non chiudere.

    1. :) grazie mille per il tuo commento! Sto usando un filo fino ma il commento è pertinente, anche se "a fette" il ventaglio avrà una consistenza. Anche i ventagli a tombolo col filo finissimo non si chiudono mai perfettamente. Ma che frivolezza soffiarsi col merletto! :-f

  3. Oh, your video is so helpful! Thank you!

  4. Loved your video & beautiful edging :-)
    Have to check out many of the lovely links you've provided. Thanks :-)
    I used a starter picot on a reverse chain and uploaded a pictorial pdf, too (June 2017 - 'another colour dilemma') if you wish to check it out.
    Another method of inward/drop picot is something even you have done as in your dimple rings! Shouldn't you add a link to it ?

    1. thank you! :-f (I read all your posts!) you're so kind, yes I agree there's much more to say about inward picots d( but in this post I tried to talk only about the joining picot made with the core thread. Dimpled rings? :-?

  5. Idea of tatting only last round as edging is great! I like it.

  6. Very nice video, I have never done this that way 😄thanks for the post🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


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