Tuesday, 28 November 2017

miniature bed

The thread I used for tatting the edging for the bedsheet and pillows is Anchor Artiste Mercer Crochet 100. Bedcover's fabric is linen.

Well, my mum thinks the bed sheet needed some white embroidery! I'd like tatting something for the cylindrical pillow, I don't know the correct English term for that kind of pillow, neither if it has an Italian name, I just call it "cuscino a cilindro".

(Update: a friend in Facebook kindly commented that the term is " bolster cushion")

The pillows are so tiny, I'm also trying to scale down Mrs. Odum pattern, I love it!

Have you noticed the book in the background?
"323: Tatting" by Pam Palmer, current link in Amazon: 
An interesting cheap booklet - about 30 pages - about the history of tatting, first published in 1996. I'm really disheartened when thinking that all those historical infos have been available for such long time and still we can find misleading information in Italian sites. One funny thing I've found was that the lace itself had been called Carmen Sjlva (yes, sigh!, with the j), I'm almost like to believe that it was a mistake in translation for the 'nom de plum' of the queen of Rumania.

I found a very inspiring initiative on Facebook, the project Tat a Brussels’ monument in pink by Cathy de Greef (Canarithy). A lot of people all around Tatternet are already joining. I still don't have a size 20 pink thread. One possibility may be to boil the little square with beetroot....!!!

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  1. Ooo, in Lilliput land !!!

    If you have fabric paints, you could give it a pink wash ;-P

    1. ok, I'll leave the beetroot and that as the last options...

  2. Very beautiful miniatures!!! :)

  3. So, so lovely! If you contact me via email, I would send you some pink!

    1. thank you, you're very kind, anyway there's time till february, hugs and many many thanks, I'll have soon the thread, already wrote to Santa!

  4. So elegant you'd want a full-size version!


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.