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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

nothing is perfect

Don't look close, it is nothing but the trick of a magician. My new toilette...
Of course I mean my dollhouse's toilette! I can't wait to have the stool, if you've been following my blog you may remember that I'm collecting these things that are sold weekly, piece by piece. The "doily" is the little motif from the "Nuovo manuale elementare dei lavori delle dame secondo le più recenti variazioni della moda", 1868, fig.15, page 55.

I've started following some blogs where they share miniature pieces, furniture for dollhouse and stunning little flowers. Among these, I absolutely love the "Atelier Sakamichi", a tatting blog from Japan, link: She also has a tatting shop that is here: She uses ribbons and beads, bugle beads too, and makes amazing little bouquets!

Browsing in Pinterest, I found a site on how to make little perfume bottles and I couldn't help myself I had to try them, so in next picture you see what I did. The link is this:

The beautiful little flower on top, has been designed by Daniela Mendola. I've been following Daniela's blog: and she also has a Facebook page: Daniela Mendola Pattern&Design. My flower is not as perfect as hers but I like it. The size is quite big for the toilette, despite I used the white size 100. There are many lovely patterns in her blog, not only tatting but also crochet and embroidery, she writes in English and Italian.


I'm still tatting Brussels' squares, different patterns are showed in next picture, but you see in the background many attempts too! I have 62 squares that fit the correct size, and 12 discarded squares that I won't send to Brussels because they are bigger or littler than 3x3cm, that is my fault of course, I've used the wrong thread or/and the wrong tension and/or the wrong brain cell!
In the pictures, I tatted the squares with a Lizbeth size 40 and a pink sewing thread, wound together, that is very close to a size 20 thread.

- Weldon's square (1911 pattern is in Craftree)
- my square pattern (read about it in this post: anonymous)
- Kathy Konek's design, pattern shared in Facebook
- Jane McLellan, pattern shared in her blog
- Cathy's square (Cathy de Greef  Tat a Brussels’ monument in pink )
- Carollyn's square, pattern shared in her blog here:

I'm supposed to be an experienced tatter, but I still do common mistakes. Are you wondering if I've the list of what - in theory - I know I must avoid to do? So here it is...

DON'T (((possibly))):
1. tat with little light or tired: I'm that "only-another-ring-before-going-to-sleep" kind of tatter... and then often I retro-tat the day after!
2. tat with tension: I'm relaxed when I tat but my tatting is always tight. Not every pattern asks for a tight tension, for example my first Weldon's square came out shrunk, in the picture above I put the second one tatted.
3. miscount stitches - that is very common especially when I'm very relaxed...
4. ‎make a join without thinking beforehand, I mean that there are many type of join and the fastest one it isn't always the best
5. start tatting fast with any leftover thread on the shuttle, thread can be too thin or too big for the pattern.

I should listen to me when I speak... Ooops!

Ciao, Ninetta
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  1. Beautiful tiny doily and flower!! :)
    Great squares! :)

  2. Tutto stupendo, dalla piccola toilette ai motivi quadrati; il piccolo centrino, poi, è delizioso e ti ringrazio per aver inserito un mio modello in questa meraviglia :-)

    1. Grazie a te per lo schema! Sicuramente proverò anche gli altri 2 fiori, sono tutti belli :-f

  3. Love your miniature tatting. I too have been tatting squares and some won't be moving on. It is great to see all the different patterns together.

    1. Thank you, I enjoyed this project. We do have a couple of weeks to tat more squares! :X

  4. LOVE your 'don'ts'!!!! Made me smile. They're the same as my 'don'ts' too!!!

    1. Gosh! Thank you, that is reassuring d-) !!!

  5. Your are defiantly getting most women's interest up with your doll house items. I have done all those don't and so very true love the rules. :)

  6. Ty Carollyn :) lol it seems I'm not the only one

  7. Lovely doily, sweet flower and great "don't" list! I wonder if reading them will help me remember the same! I recently joined nearly a whole row on my bonnet to the wrong places, too much too retrotat. If only I’d had your list! (Haha, like you, I knew before...)

  8. Love the doily on the dolls furniture, this dolls house is going to be full of wonderfull items.

    I had a quite laugh at your don't do list. Can I add another one, look at the pattern, so far I have discarded three two had a silly mistake of an extra picot, and the third well instead of four corners I end up with five if only I had looked at what I had done before I put it down and then started again it would have been four corners.

    I have stuck to two patterns ok I have only 19, so far, Getting sick of pink and seeing squares. ok I know what you will say that's not many but I'm in pain waiting an MRI, they think it's a trapped nerve in my shoulder blade, so I can't tat for long. Every little adds to the pile.

    1. Ty dear Margaret, I wish you to recover soon, I agree every little counts :X Ah yes! Following patterns! You are very right! d(

  9. Love this post, along with all the tatted wonders!
    I love both designer's works - Sakamichi and Daniela - very inspiring.
    Flower in size 100??? You are daft!
    Your Don'ts list could have one more - don't tat while watching the tele or while reading on the tablet ;-P

  10. Ty :)
    Ah,the television, yes it should have been there at point 0. I tat while watching TV almost all the time :-O


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.