Tuesday, 13 February 2018

quite a story

I've been knotting, tons of simple knots not flipped, not the same knot we use in tatting. That is my feeling, it is a different knot, even if I discovered that the shuttle is very useful to hold the thread. So the same or similar tool, the shuttle, but also the movement is different, now I have my right hand a little cramped and the left wrist tired... I'll soon be back tatting!

I've used three moulinè stranded embroidery skeins, wound together.

There's a site that has very useful infos about knotting, it's a great help for anybody who'd like dipping their toe in the water:

Then I've googled in search of pictures, but couldn't find any that really I liked, so I drawn 2 flowers and now here it is on the fabric:

About the fabric, there is quite a story to tell: it is pure cotton (I think) and I was told that it was from a parachute, picked up after the second war by my granny and her mother in law, cleaned and reused for clothes, sheets and tablecloths.



  1. This is fascinating,I wonder if in that painting with that queen looking lady with a rather giant shuttle if she was doing this and not tatting? What do you think? Do you know the painting?

  2. This is interesting, and I look forward to seeing your progress,
    I call that recycling at its best, to think that fabric is now be at least 70 years old,,

  3. Great recycling, it will be very special.

  4. I like e the used parachute story! The knots are fascinating too. Do you accidentally tat when knotting?


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