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Tuesday, 6 February 2018


These beads are intriguing...
They are Czech ZoliDuo® (Two Hole Pressed Paisley/Comma shape Beads) ~5mmx8mm beads.
I really wonder where the name zoliduo come from.

I bought one left and one right pack, there were 30 beads per pack, I could tat two bracelets but one is shorter, that is my fault because I started with a shuttle already loaded and the thread was a leftover from a previous project...

It's a challenge to load those beads in the correct order!
This was only my first experiment, I like this shape a lot and I can't wait to have some packets more, but at present I don't know when I'll buy those again.

Purple thread was an old purchase in a fair, it is a 100% polyester. The seller (if I'm right) was "Le gemme creation isola d'Ischia" that has a page in facebook:

While I'm waiting to have more "paisley" beads, I've started another project, that is because the local association of lace is going to hold an exhibition that will be open for 10 days next month, there will be samples from '600 and '700. I hope to have something - very little - done in one month!

That is "knotting", there's a thread in Craftree about it, here it is the link:
What is going to be? A framed picture with a paisley?

A curiosity for you: in Italian we call paisley "motivo cachemire", the word cachemire alone indicates the fiber, from the Kashmir.



  1. Wow I like those beads and if I get them I might try a pattern where I could tat and use a crochet hook to place them on thread as I go, cause that other way would require lots of brain thought. Which I would move into slowly. I also like you brain teasers for many hours of thought about paisley design. 😄💜😄

  2. Very interesting beads Ninetta, you’re making good use of them.

  3. Those are fabulous bracelets!!! :) Love how you used the new beads!

  4. What fascinating beads! You've used them to beautiful effect!

  5. Such dreamy beads !!! Lovely bracelet. And happy knotting ;-D

  6. Beautiful beads, very interesting beads, Your bracelets with them are gorgeous

  7. Waah!beautiful beads and you used it nicely to make this cute bracelet.


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