Tuesday, 27 March 2018

venetian picots

I absolutely love venetian needle lace but I can't do it. If you feel ready to get amazing inspirations, you may follow this blog: Merletto Veneziano by Ombretta Panese.
Lately I've been playing with venetian picots, they have a characteristic look that is like a stick. I think I've found a way to tat them and after many failed attempts, eventually I've got something very similar:
You can see from the picture that I used an auxiliary thread:
The trick is finger tatting the picot, with an auxiliary thread, looped inside a first half stitch, and to go back toward the chain with first half stitches
Of course it can be done in rings or chains, as though they were normal picots
I tried to film myself but I need more time to have a video good enough for youtube.

I've bought one of the books written by Ombretta Panese and Marialuisa Severi, there's wonderful lace and even if I won't learn how to do it, it's very interesting to have an idea of the technique
You see I couldn't resist to buy the reprint of Palliser's, for only 4,32 euro. And I also bought that one by Alicja Kwartnik, "Bordi con il chiacchierino ad ago", a gift for a friend, new tatter (hurray!).
Another 2 books that I bought in the last few weeks: one is another reprinted old book and the other is new and very interesting, by Alessandra Caputo (her site is Merletto Italiano) "Il baule di Angelina". It is about how Alessandra received a chest full of old sets of samples, bobbin lace and needle lace, belonged to a lady who used to teach in a female professional school in Rome, and that lucky, fortuitous finding was the great opportunity for her to study the lace and the history of the school from the last years of the XIX century till about our days.


Update: video added:


  1. Great job!!!! Can't wait for your video.

  2. Very interesting technique!! Looks great!! :)

  3. Wow I am so wanting to see the video I to am interested in Venetian lace and not good at it. You are very creative and always enjoy your blog 🌹💟🌹

  4. The picots look interesting, I am looking forward to the video! :)
    The Venetian lace does look pretty, but maybe difficult to make... Maybe one day you will try to learn it if you do like it so much.

  5. I am 'officially' adding another title to the Hiding Lady - The Picot Lady!!! Lovely picots & a nice application to dead end chains (if I have understood it correctly). For an easier working one could use the floating twisted picots, too.
    And your decorative lock join through those picots is superb ! Gives a crochet effect.

  6. I going to follow the link and look at this technique, very interesting, thank you for sharing

  7. Can't wait to see this new idea in action! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Brava Ninetta, sei riuscita a fare il "picot veneziano" con la navetta del chiacchierino. Grazie per i complimenti sul mio blog. Un abbraccio

  9. .... scusa non ho finito il commento. Se hai bisogno di chiarimenti o se qualcosa non ti è chiaro nel nostro libro mandami una mail, cercherò di aiutarti.

  10. Ninetta the link you shared was marvelous. Just now I saw it in detail.

  11. hello Ninet, venetian picots is a great idea. I play with him and I have great results. I hope I will soon put something in my blog, which I have neglected for a long time. thank you and congratulations

    1. Hello Lenka, nice to hear from you again! Thank you for your comment, can't wait to see your tatting.


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