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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

treble tatting wrapped around your finger

Thank you very much to all tatters who have generously shared their knowledge online. I've first learned about Maltese Ring from the pages "TAT'S AMORÉ, Martha Ess' Tatting Page", unfortunately now not yet available (lost since 2013). Then I have rarely used this technique, and also I know only few patterns that use it. Some are also by Martha Ess, but I don't know which book of hers.
(For some references about Maltese Ring Tatting, please read at the end of this post.)

In previous post I tried to use treble stitches in pearl tatting. In this post I show you my samples with Maltese rings. That is an old technique in tatting, originally found in "The Pearl Tatting Book" by Riego, 1866. Maltese Ring is pearl tatting done in rings. But, while pearl tatting is made using 3 shuttles, only 2 shuttles are required in Maltese rings. However, I'm not going to explain how to do a Maltese Ring. There are very clear tutorials and videos online. 

ds=double stitch;
rs=reversed double stitch;
tds=treble tatting stitch (it starts always with a vsp, then it's never mentioned);
vsp=very small picot;
SH1: shuttle used to wrap the loop around the hand (white thread in pictures)
SH2: shuttle used to make the stitches that are on the core thread of the ring, those can be flipped or not, and can have picot facing inward or outward (yellow thread in pictures). Also, with tds, picots can be over or behind.

treble tatting tds
tds in Maltese Rings - variations
In previous picture, the rings have all the same number of stitches, what changes is the way that threads are exchanged, up or down, over or below. There are always 8 tds with SH1, rings start and finish with 2ds, one with SH1 and the other with SH2.
Number 1: start with SH2 wrapping both ring threads with a rs. then 1ds with SH1, then alternate 1tds with SH1 and 1rs with SH2 wrapped on the core thread. Finish with 1ds with SH1 and 1rs with SH2 wrapping both ring threads.
Number 2: UPDATE, this is for Number 3:start 1ds tatting with both shuttles in hand, then 1ds with SH2, then always move SH2 over the loop around the hand, then tat the tds with SH1, then pass SH2 inside the loop from back to front and tat the ds. Alternate 1tds with SH1 and 1ds with SH2. Finish with 1ds with SH2 and 1ds with both shuttles.
Number 3: UPDATE this is for Number 2: it is like number  3, but alternately: -->always drop SH2 in the front of the loop and -->move it over the loop.
Number 4: it is like number 1, but always when tatting 1rs with SH2, wrap both ring threads.
Number 5: it is like number 2, but always move SH2 over the loop around the hand.
Number 6: it is like number 2, but between tds with SH1, there are tds tatted with SH2.

When I read this post by Eliz:, I noted her remark about the first and last ds in the ring. I think it is the same or similar technique showed by Anastasija Yelisejeva for the 2-shuttle ring (she has a pdf in her site). Then, that it is what works for me: when I want to tat outward facing picots, I start tatting the first ds in the ring with both shuttles (picture A); if I want to tat inward facing picots, I start tatting the first rs with the second shuttle, encapsulating both the core thread and the thread of the loop around the hand (picture B):
treble tatting tds
I tatted in a similar way the last ds in each maltese ring.
After those first rings...
treble tatting tds
...I became more adventurous:
treble tatting tds
tds in Maltese Rings - more variations
Number 1: it has a dense centre, because I tatted 2 reversed tds  inside the ring, tatted with SH2. (there is a video of mine for how to tat reversed tds)
Number 2: that one has (yellow) tds with SH2, tatted encapsulating both ring's thread. Then (white) ds are tatted with both shuttles in hand.
Number 3: experimenting a little, it has daisy picots that look like little hats over the white tds. That is for I have tatted 3 normal ds with the loop around the hand but using the SH2 shuttle, like in a daisy picot, then that chain is followed by a tds tatted with SH2 thread. Maybe, this one had needed its blog post apart.
Number 4: same as number 3, but the daisy chain is with picots.
Number 5: that has a very dense centre, because it is like number 1, but also I tatted a ring inside with the SH2 thread.

I like a lot the effect of the daisy picot combined with trebles, like in number 4. I thought it was nice enough to design a pattern with it.

treble tatting tds
Pattern is like this next (sorry, forgive me any oversight, and please let me know so I can amend):

Modules are tatted with 3 shuttles, let's call them X, Y and Z. Then, for example, 1ds x means one ds tatted with the shuttle named X. In my pictures, Y is the shuttle with the yellow thread, while X and W are two shuttles wound CTM.
e. = means tatting encapsulating both ring's thread
dds = daisy chain with ds.
Passing from tds to ds or rs, there is always a vsp, not written in the text.

I'm not sure about terminology, that is I'm not sure about what I called here daisy chain, or "daisy double stitch" (dds), in my sample number 4.  In fact, in the daisy picot technique, you make unflipped stitches with the second shuttle over the picot. But here I do the flip. Any help, please?

First Module:
Maltese Ring: Wrap the loop around the hand with X. Then start with 1ds tatted with both x and y shuttles in hand, 1ds y, put y thread over the loop, *{1tds x, [dds with shuttle y: 1ds, p, 1ds,p, 1ds]; 1tds y, put thread y over the loop}, repeat from * 2 times more;
1tds x, 1rs y,  # 1tds x, 1rs y, 1tds x, 1rs y ; {reverse work, Ring with y: 1ds,p,1ds,p,1ds,p,1ds,close, reverse work};
1rs y, 1tds x, 1rs y, 1tds x, 1rs y, 1ds x, 1rs y,1ds x, 1rs y e.
Close Maltese Ring. You should have both X and Y over the ring, pointing to the left.

Pass both X and Y threads under the base and move both on the right, then tat 5rs with w (that is with the third shuttle), encapsulating both X and Y.

Reverse work and lock join with shuttle x only, to the last hidden picot after the last tds in the Maltese Ring.

Pearl tatting a chain with ds, using shuttle x as the core thread, 1 ds w up and 1rs y down, that is 7 repetitions of 1ds w and 1rs y.
Finish this segment with 1ds w encapsulating both y and x.

Lock join with shuttle x in the hidden picot signed  #  in previous Maltese Ring.

Don't reverse work.

Second Module:
Start next motif with shuttles w and y for the Maltese Ring. In the first module's pattern, read w when x is written, and x when w is.

Alternate First and Second modules for your desired length.


So, I've started another bracelet - or can it be used as a bookmark? -, it's still a work in progress, that goes in the same box of the previously started bracelets (uh-oh!). It's tatted using 3 shuttles. I've used Finca metallic thread for X and W (light gold Hilo Metalizado, 1000mts, Presencia Hilaturas, I've wound 2 strands each), and the Y shuttle thread is dmc diamant D301. Gold is always difficult to photograph.
treble tatting tds

treble tatting tds

I put here - also for my personal reference - some links about the Maltese Ring technique:

- by Miranda:
- by Corina Meyfeldt:
- by Eliz Davis (aka Tatknot):
- pdf files by Anastasija Yelisejeva: 
then follow "Theoretical part"--> "2.1  Basic ways of tatting and implementation in methods and elements.". This one in particular is about Maltese Ring: MalteseRing_ENG_18.05.12.pdf

Videos :
- (Needle tatting, by The OTC) Lesson 23 Pearl Tatting or Maltese Tatting:
- Tatting a Maltese Ring by tatmantats:
- Maltese Ring by Karen Cabrera:

Pattern with Maltese Rings from The Pearl Tatting Book by Riego, 1866:
Nov. 3 Bella Online Newsletter Riego pearl tatting pattern

Riego Maltese Butterfly by Jane Eborall (pdf)
Maltese Ring Pinwheel Flake by Eliz Davis
by Anastasija Yelisejeva, patterns at:
by Jane McLellan:

- The Pearl Tatting Book by Riego, 1866:
- The 'Alternate Thread' technique I learned that it's explained in one of the books by Gary and Randy Houtz; unfortunately I still don't have that book. Anyway, I found their link with a drawing:


Treble tatting series finished? Who knows!



  1. :(( You have me knocked clean !!! I'll come back to read later, but the effects are so amazing !!! :-h

    1. Thank you very much, too kind of you :X actually I missed you, not having one post from you about Maltese Ring... :-f

    2. ;-D I did make Jane's Maltese Sunflower a few months back, but you are right - I haven't spent much time with pearl tatting & Maltese rings. I need to rectify that soon ;-P

    3. I finally read the post - phew d(
      Re. terminology/update -
      Okay, in the first set of 6 Maltese rings, the movement and effect in some is like Ikuta's or Overlapping picots!

      'dds' - I always thought DDS meant Double Double Stitch (see 'padded double stitches'/pds in my blog).
      I Googled but haven't come across 'daisy double stitch'?
      Perhaps you can call it a variation of the daisy picot, using flipped/normal ds on both threads? Like I did with the split/scmr?
      Sorry, this is all that comes to mind. I haven't studied the Maltese Rings or Daisy Picots in too much detail or compared them - need shuttles in hand to understand & see better ;-P
      Perhaps you can do a post showing the difference?

  2. Wonderful effects! I have a pattern for a sunflower in Maltese tatting on my blog, I’ll have to give some thought to working it in trebles.

    1. Thank you for the reminder, I've seen that and sorry I forgot to put the link to your pattern too. I'm going to add it now.

  3. Wow!! Truly interesting pieces!!! I can't wait to see your completed bracelet! :)

    1. Thank you! :-f me too, lol! That is the 4th wip bracelet!

  4. Wow, so interesting! I've not even tried trebles yet. I hope I'll get around to it eventually. I like all your samples. :-)

    1. Thank you very much! I can't wait to see your treble tatting! :-f

  5. My case is same as Frivole, wants to try all of your samples, let us see when. You are just like a research guide for us in tatting.

  6. Firstly I must apologise the wifi in turkey was crap and I had trouble keeping up with the blogs.
    This is very interesting, I have wanted to try Maltese tatting for some time, and I'm going to come back to this post when I have more time and re read it,

  7. Love the variations and effects! Will have to bookmark some of your posts to go over in summer when I have more time :). Thanks for sharing with us :).

    1. Thank you for your nice words, Jenn! :-f you're always welcome!

  8. Awesome variations of TDS in maltese rings Ninetta!!! Love the bracelet pattern too.


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