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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

an edging to match with "fiore di filet"

It's not as bad, isn't it? Well, I haven't got another square tatted yet, but I took some photos while I was tatting.

Two shuttles pattern, shoe lace tricks, shuttle lock joins, reverse tatting, block tatting...

Lucky me! A good friend ( ) had sent me a ton of pins. They come in handy with all this block tatting! Thank you very much!

pic. 1
(I added the second thread without knots, with the help of Jane Eborall! Check it in her website!)

The square of previous post, the "flower of filet", started with a little ring 3-3. I used two colours to better show the pattern and then it could be clearer when I switched shuttles.

After the little ring, I haven't reversed work, added the second shuttle and tatted one ds, a very small picot (vsp) and 6ds.
pic. 3
Then I've tatted 4 rows of block tatting ( see
With the orange thread (the core tread in that position) I tatted a ring 3+3, joining to previous ring.

... to be continued (with the same chain showed in pic.1).



  1. Love the pins, I look forward to seeing how it works out, looking good so far


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