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Tuesday, 10 February 2015


"La vispa Teresa" it's a very well known poem here in Italy, it was written around the mid 1800's by Luigi Sailer and then there's a satirical continuation by Trilussa written in 1917.

<< La vispa Teresa
avéa tra l’erbetta
a volo sorpresa
gentil farfalletta,
e tutta giuliva
stringendola viva
gridava a distesa:
“L’ho presa, l’ho presa!” ...>>

I've caught a little butterfly with a little tatted ring, and I'm merrily shouting "I got it, I got it!"



  1. Love the way your mind works & how you translate that into tatting !

  2. Your butterfly is so tiny and sweet, the shuttles look so large.
    love this butterfly and you always have such nice work. the little poem is cute and love a little story with tatting :)

  3. Thank you so much! I was afraid I had put too much italian in this post, but it seems that the joke with words worked out, a little!

  4. I love your idea of a butterfly in the middle, great idea and its a beautiful tiny butterfly.

  5. Thank you Margaret and Tally :)


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.