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Friday, 31 July 2015


Thread used in that picture is a Lizbeth size 20 and a light yellow 100% rayon that I've had for a long time. They used to sell this kind of thread to be doubled with wool, for knitting.

Leaving a little gap before the mock bead, it helped me to put it better in place. Split rings are unbalanced because the second part is thicker, looked to me longer by sight so I shortened it.

About the little square of previous post, thank you very much for your nice comments and for playing the "pattern hunt"!

Pattern is from Priscilla tatting book #2, a so beautiful resource of little motifs, the square was hidden in a large design of a pillow at page 18, picture 47. The same pattern has been used for a lovely frame for the cover page. Charming!



  1. I have too many projects on the go at the moment, but eventually I plan to try your tatted 'beads' technique, I think it's very effective.

  2. Your bead idea is wonderful and also will try. I love that book and many time wonder how they came up with the patterns with out looking at others at all, those were the days :)

  3. I Knew I was missing something . I remember going back to this book cover, yet could not identify it :-( My excuse - your tatting looks so much better (part of it of course is the new technology) :-)

    I believe your faux beads can be made even without adding an auxiliary thread, right ? By using one of the shuttle threads to make the ring. Colours may become an issue, though - will work it out coz I'm definitely making these .... saves me all the trouble of loading beads...

    1. I'm amazed of the great - and good - number of feedback I had! Thank you Muskaan, yes, you're right, that's a way with only 2 shuttles. But with 3, you can add "beads" in the core thread or in the ball, too...

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