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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

a tiny project

Even a tiny project must have and idea behind, needs a little research, drawings (with pencil or an app) and asks for some prototypes. Last Tuesday, during the Online Tatting Designers Class, we were asked to start a new project, maybe this is too little and only a week it's a short time but it's helped me to understand where I need to improve.

The rough idea: use up some tiny superduo I love, I want a new pair of earrings!
They are Czech glass beads, "Miniduo 2x4 mm - Opaque Champagne Luster", like the superduo but smaller in size, in fact superduo are 2,5x5mm. I bought them last October at the craft fair in Rome. I've already used superduo with tatting, back in 2014, there's also a tutorial for a small square: (the link is also in the page "Tutorials in this blog" from the menu bar).
The research: I found many awesome beading projects with superduo, but nothing combined with tatting. Let me know if any of you found something like that, I'd like to see it. I found (via Pinterest) an awesome blog, full of beautiful projects: , but it's all about beads and beading. I've added a new link list at the left sidebar, "Inspirations", that is a list of non-tatting sites that I like.

The sketch: I usually mess up drawings and technical solutions, there's a lot of confusion there but a least one corner in the page of the notebook contains my best possibility. I should learn how to better organise my drawings, I've improved passing from loose papers to a notebook, but I've kept the bad way to scribble all over pages.

The prototype: usually 2 or 3, a good prototype is a good start for the final pattern. At this point I learn if there's the need of more or less joins, more or less beads, or the thread (type or colour) must be changed. That metallic gold  thread helped me to understand if it can work as an earring. Have you a magnifying glass handy? I forgot to write down all stitches' counts!



  1. This little earring is a giant of a design you always astound me :) and I did not know how to use that type of bead. I can't see very well and sometimes I take a picture and enlarge it, then I see my mistakes :) but ith you it is perfection!

    1. Thank you Carollyn, you're so nice! I do the same with the camera, very useful! But as earring... It's too tiny, isn't it? I need another week or two, lol!

  2. Nice idea for your earring!! :)
    I was so inspired by your superduo projects that I bought the beads last year, but haven't done anything with them yet. I am hoping to make your square this year sometime as a challenge piece for me. And then to try more. :)

  3. Love how you have systematically documented your design process ! I usually start with details, but soon get so absorbed in the actual making (knitting/crochet/tatting) that the documentation meanders off ;-P
    But this is a good reminder to send off some pics to Susan ... Hope to catch you in class tonight :-)
    So, will you be designing jewellery ? Lovely work.

  4. Really intricate, thanks for showing us the process. Small doesn't necessarily mean simple! I hope to come across those beads one day.

  5. Lovely earrings, it's amazing how much work go into any design no matter how small or large


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