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Friday, 15 January 2016


I'm trying to use up the silk I've got (hope I don't waste it), I'd love tatting something similar to a beautiful shawl I saw here: Maybe, a cotton thread would have been more collaborative, but it's working, it's "doable". I can't keep that silk for ages, after all, waiting for the right project. What else all that silk would be for?

That silk was bought at the beginning of 2014 ( and I tried it single thread and also doubled. Actually the first time I didn't liked it single thread, too thin, but after having tatted a size 100, I think it's comparable (well, I can hardly see ds, I confess!).
In that pic it is near the Priscilla's border in size 100 DMC cotton, tatted last summer.

I haven't followed the pattern given for the shawl, because rings were way too little with my thread. I'm tatting rings 9-9 and chains are 6-6-6 (and short chains are 6ds), I'm trying to follow the flow of rings and chains, not so easy and I help myself folding in half what I already tatted and guessing what I should tat next, that works for me!

The big difference between the cotton and the silk, sigh, it's the smoothness: like me and me speaking in English! In this blog post I needed some of the lively and colourful words that Fox used about the Lizbeth size 80 (a teasing thread for me too, sometimes); English words that I can't recall in this moment, but that's due to my silly brain that doesn't collaborate, it insists thinking in Italian!

The silk easily frays and retrotatting is a mess (reopening a ring already closed is a mission impossible). I forgot to join at a certain point but I chose to tie a knot instead of cutting an hour of tatting.

I'm confident that it will have an end, or as a shawl for a Barbie doll or for only one shoulder of mine, but it will be done!



  1. You always impress me with your projects and tiny threads, and silk too!

  2. Having never tatted with silk, it's good to know the downfalls. I will definitely stick with DMC for anything done in white. I admire you for tackling such a large project with delicate "fussy" thread. I would not have the patience!

  3. I admire that you can use such fine threads, and the gorgeous patterns that you end up with.

  4. You do extremely beautiful fine work, though I suspect you may be very masochistic!!! ; ))

  5. I agree, wow! It's going to be magnificent in silk. It will have more sheen than if you tatted it with cotton.

  6. Thank you very much everyone!
    Robin: thank you for the word "fussy", that was one of those I have been trying to remember!
    Fox: you may be right, very right! Lol!

  7. I imagine the silk must feel so good in your hands. If it doesn't make a whole shawl for you, maybe it will be big enough for a scarf?

    1. Housewife's hands don't let me fully appreciate it! I haven't a size as a target, I'll go on and then decide later, a little scarf would be nice.


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