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Friday, 29 April 2016

green carpet (and roses)

Thread is dmc size 80, white and green (col.num. 368). Doily's pattern is from a drawing I have done in 2011, but actually I was not happy with it, I had never tatted the "real doily". Now I think those roses are a beautiful complement. For perfection's lovers, there are many flaws, chains in last row are 10-10 outside and 7-7 inside, but some have been tatted wrongly, and a couple of rings are not the right stitches' count. Those roses also, they are exactly the number of roses that I have tatted, that is I kept those not centred and not perfect. You see what happen here when Mr Meticulous go out for a week!

Roses' pattern is by Jeanne Lugert and can be found here:

Here it is with another background.

I played with an app in my smartphone, too.

That was the doily half done. There are the central part, tatted around the first rose. Then there's the round showed in previous picture. All around there are 6 triangular motifs that are joined to roses, and everything is surrounded by the last sinuous round.

joigin, bāaibaai
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  1. It's very pretty and I cannot see the mistakes. I really like the different shapes that come together to form a cohesive whole.

  2. Oh, it looks wonderful!!!! :) What a beautiful centerpiece doily!!! :)

  3. Like very, absolutely lovely! I like how the green on the bottom of the roses is subtly seen.

  4. Very nice, I love the green.

  5. You are amazingly talented !!! A tatted lawn sprikled with roses :-)

  6. Wow, Ninetta, that's fabulous! I love how the roses enhance the pattern. So dainty and pretty.

  7. Beautiful and the roses just mak the plainest of the doily come alive.

    1. Thank you, yes that design needed a little help from those beautiful roses!


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.