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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My way of adding a new ball thread in a chain

- subtitle: "adventures on tatting a bride's necklace"

It was around the middle of the row (marked with a scrap of light blue thread), that it happened. It happens, sometimes, and you should simply have to deal with it. If I'm not in the right mood and Mr. Meticulous went out, I just put a weaver's knot there and don't care more. Not this time though.

In pictures my core thread comes from the spool. The re-loaded shuttle is yellow in pictures. I also used an auxiliary shuttle (named OLD in pics, blue one) to better manage the short tail of the old thread.

I've aligned both NEW (reloaded yellow shuttle) and core thread and anchored them together around my little finger. I tatted 3rs (reversed stitches - reverse order) with the auxiliary shuttle, then - following my pattern - I made a join to previous row, then I tatted another rs encapsulating NEW and core thread. At that point, I switched OLD with NEW shuttle. I continued tatting with the NEW shuttle, encapsulating OLD and core thread, with 5rs. Then I cut redundant ends and went on with the pattern.

Nothing new.
This method is very similar to that one used for rings, that you can find here:
"Planning for the End..."
(Matthew Takeda's method - at the end of that page)

More on the Adventure of the necklace still coming!

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  1. Thanks Ninetta, it is always a good idea to have more than one method to add thread. I've used this method too.

    1. Ty Bernice. For thick thread I learned that these tricks are terrific, a weaver's knot in a chain is unaesthetic with size 20 and in particular for jewellery. A fastidiousness with my usual size 80!

  2. An interesting post and something to try, thanks Ninetta

  3. Great instruction and so clearly posted thank you! You are Super!


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