Tuesday, 12 July 2016

mother tongue?

I'm really happy with WIOSNA2016, what a lovely and relaxing pattern, thank you very much Renulek! I understood that there will be at least 2 more rounds (round 15 has been already posted in her blog). I finished round 14 and also finished all 3 little balls of dmc size 80 thread, I've only an armful of each colour. So I "had" to do shopping, I'm waiting for the postman with the thread and I'm already distracted thinking about that feared moment: "what to do next?"

I've mentioned that I received as a gift the last issue of Mani di Fata - "Il Lavoro Chiacchierino #19"-. There are some lovely doilies and one captured my curiosity because it starts with a little squared motif with block tatting, already seen in a previous pubblication. The square is surrounded by a tatted frame, with block tatting, too, then many squares are tatted around in a rectangular shape and everything is finished with a lovely matching edging. Actually, just before lunch, I was determined to tat it!

I'm sure, that was not due to my indigestion, nor to the hot weather. I started after lunch trying to understand the pattern, only text, and spent over an hour on it. I earned a big headache, lots of jottings and some text still to be read. I thought I knew a little about tatting - and Italian, sigh! - but I can say that reading our dear old Aunt Priscilla was way too easier than this, or even that old German book by Tina Frauberger (Schiffchenspitze 1921)!! Mother tongue? I supposed being Italian...

That's not relaxing tatting, I can't spend an hour only to read a pattern, that is what can lead a lovely and enjoyable lace art to the oblivion. I had my drawing eventually, at least for the edging. With a modern textual notation it looks very easy. But - my dear tatters, I know when throwing in the towel!

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  1. Your doily looks gorgeous !!!! One 20 gm ball of size 40 thread has already been consumed in my doily, and bobbins loaded at least 5 times from a new ball!
    Pity, though about the block-tatted doily.

  2. Ooooh, your doily is so beautiful!!!! :)

  3. Renulek robi piękne frywolitkowe projekty, ale Twoja wersja jest iście wiosenna. Czekam na kolejne okrążenia.

  4. Oh dear Ninetta, if you can't understand the pattern, nobody can!! Yes, there are times to throw in the towel. Your Renulek doily is lovely, I hope your new thread doesn't take long to arrive.

  5. Oh Ninetta, If you can't understand the pattern and it's in Italian I have no chance. I do have trouble at times understanding tge Italian tatting group in Facebook, I am glad I never managed to find the magazine while I was in Italy for a few hours when we left the Beanina express, I looked in Austria and Switzerland for it and Anna magazine. We are going to Greece in September so again I will be searching and driving my hubby up the wall at every shop that sells magazines.
    Your Renulk mat is beautiful I look forward to seeing what colour you use next

  6. Wunderschön! So schöne Farben!


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