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Tuesday, 8 November 2016


On Saturday I went! There's a fair in Rome, "Abilmente Roma", and I found my favourite threads, fabric and lace, I also had the pleasure to meet Alicja Kwartnik with her books and delicate tatting ornaments. A very nice tatter, she has been teaching tatting during the fair, I didn't take photos of anything there but everything was amazing.

I couldn't find any transparent plastic ball with diameter 4cm, I discovered ball are produced in plastic but measures are 30mm, 50mm, 60mm and over. It seems that 4cm doesn't exist! I bought one covered by cardboard used for decoupage (I can't say a proper name in English!), so I could have tried the pattern in last post. And I did then.
I used a Lizbeth thread size 40 (color number 167) and I discovered that I forget to mention one ring in previous post, so I went to amend! Eventually I had to stretch the model to fit in, so I think it must be tried again with a thicker thread.

I also bought superduo beads and O-beads to play with and some little gifts for friends; two beautiful pieces of fabric for a tote bag, printed cotton for purses, one book, and thread of course! I had almost finished the green dmc 471 that I'm using in Falbalà doily, but I couldnt find number 3687 (mauve) nor lizbeth 131. One vendor from Gualdo Tadino in the province of Perugia ( didn't come, I missed their great assortment of thread. My prayers and thoughts go to every people there who are suffering the quake consequences, and it still doesn't have a rest, yesterday evening there was another quake.

I think I can add a couple more rows and then finishing it with all flowers around.
I must tell that it smells! I've carried it with me everywhere and now it needs a shower! Ooops!

At the fair I also bought a cute miniature, a purse to save one coin that was so taking I couldn't let it there! It's done by Takako Kulla, an artist that put all her heart in transforming vintage kimono fabric to create scarves, skirts and bags, her brand is Art Kaze.
Head aega
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  1. Oh how I wish I was at this fair with you! Love the ornament and your doily is beautiful I know some larger ones just need a bath, we have them with us for sooo long sometimes :)

  2. That sounds like an interesting fair to go to.

  3. Wonderful ornament!!! :)
    I truly love your gorgeous doily!!!! :)

  4. Beautiful bubble.
    Your mat is looking gorgeous, I am sure a light wash will renew the smell to a nice one.
    Love your purse. Gorgeous colour.

  5. I would love to go to this fair! Maybe when I'm retired...
    I love your treatment of these Christmas ornaments, I can't wait to give it/them a try. Thank you for sharing your expertise.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.