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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

that means a bunch

Thank you a lot for all your visits. I'll share with you how I tat those little rings in flowers' centre, with seven long picots 0.5cm high, tatted with a gauge used vertically. I need "only" thirty-two flowers 🌸🌸🌸🌸...puff puff pant pant 🌸🌸🌸🌸 and the doily will be finished! Ten minutes per ring, so it would be tatting about 5 hours before proceeding with my last round!

Each ring is 7 picots separated by 2ds. I start with one ds and end with one ds. That is only my way to do this, not an original way, but a collection and mixture of different ways found in the net.

I start leaving a very short end (about 1cm) and tat over the tail, like in the video by Frivole here: Tatting - How to Start and Hide End (no knot) (
But just after the very first ds, I put my plastic gauge vertically, like in the video by Rosemarie Peel here: Tat a measured picot (

Tat 2 ds over the tail. I tat over the tail for 3 long picots, then I tat one ds, one first half and cut the tail, then tat the second half ds.
Now I tat the fourth picot and following one ds normally, then one first half. At this point, I put a loop of thread for the magic trick, I usually use the same size of thread for the loop (size 80 in these pictures) but in contrasting colour (in pics the loop is white), under the core thread (that eventually makes tail to be cut in the back of the tatting). I tat the second half ds over the loop.
I start tatting over the white loop, like in the video by mytattingplace here:  Hiding 2nd end (Magic thread trick) ( , for the last 3 picots.
Then, also following a note in Debbie Drake’s magic thread way  (, I add a first half ds but excluding the loop (that is I never tat this last half stitch over the white loop): this also blocks the core thread and avoids that the ring opens when pulling the thread at the end.
Now I close the ring (don't post shuttle). Pull tight, then I cut a tail of about 4cm from the shuttle.
I thread the tail through the loop, leaving abundant space to bend.
(I reverse the ring.) Holding the ring with my left hand, I pull the loop with the right hand to pass the tail through, till it's completely out. I make almost the same movement as though you were closing the ring, slightly rotating the right hand clockwise while pulling the loop.
Well, I hope this will be of any help, someday!

You may find a very interesting - and useful - post by Muskaan that is a compilation of methods for hiding ends:

Look! Have you noticed that Blogger started supporting emoticons in posts? There's a special icon in the upper part of the editor that is "Insert special characters". I love it!

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  1. Very interesting Ninetta. I don't have all the picots on the gauge at once, that's new to me. I did some rings with long picots like this when working through the Teiko book, but I didn't really think about what I was doing!

    1. Thanks Jane, that works fine for me, but of course I'd like to read your way to tat the same thing, there's always something new to learn, I love reading all tatting blogs! :-f

    2. Oops! "like reading"! Gosh!

  2. Clever! I like it! Thank you for the helpful pictures and explanation.

  3. I've never had much luck with the magic thread trick, maybe because I pull my stitches too tightly for the extra thread to fit through. Looks like you are really close to finishing your doily, though the last round will take a while I'm sure. Can't wait to see it when it's done!

    1. Dear Robin,thank you, you should give a try to Debbie Drake's way, it's a great method for a starting point, I had problems at my first try, too, but the way in two pass helped me a lot to learn it. Now I use only one loop, but at the beginning I used two loops

  4. Very helpful post. I use many different ways to hide ends. The magic thread trick worked for me when I found the right thread. For me it was nylon beading thread, thin and strong. You are in the home stretch on the doily, great work.

  5. Wow great information to post and you make tatting look great!

  6. :) thank you Bernice and Carollyn

  7. Thanks for the lesson!! :) And for the emoticon notice!! :)

  8. Piękny wzór, ale wymagający mnóstwa pracy i dodatkowo jeszcze cierpliwości.

  9. Nice post & pictorial ! Must give Debbie's method a try for single shuttle rings - you make it seem so easy ! Thanks :-)

    1. d-) I started with that, thanks to a lady that encouraged me. I don't use the MTT always, you know me, but it's great in this one-ring tiny thing.


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