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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

tiny hook

Red and gold, a sparkling combo!
Thread is dcm metallic gold 282, beads are superduo opaque red capri gold 2.5x5mm, rocaille miyuki 15/0 metallic bronze, seed beads 9/0 col.9250 metallic green gold.

I used to use a tiny wire as an helper to pass the thread into beads' holes, but it's often breaking and I also had difficulties passing the hook in the same teeny place of the wire, often resulted in wearing the metallic thread. Last spring I bought a teeny-weeny knit-picker, here at Tombolo e Disegni di Gianfranca Tolloi, the Italian name is "rimagliatore", but really I didn't need it, I was just curious how -if- it could have been useful in tatting, just because my friends use it in bobbin lace.

I must say it's great! I have rings with long picots that have to pass through 2 superduo holes and one seed bead, so I first needed to try them out, guess a measure and then find the right gauge, that is 1/2". Updated: Sorry, I apologize, that is 5/8".
The tiptop hook works like a charm!
It grabs and hooks the thread through all beads and the picot, all in one pass.
I've not finished yet, but I must be careful on the size, I don't need another anklet!

I've already tatted one matching earring.
That is almost the same pattern used for flowers some weeks ago.

Zai Jian
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  1. The bracelet is fabulous! Hooray for any gadget that helps. A hook must be better than my laborious method of using a needle and thread to add beads.

  2. My lazy solution - not to use teeny tiny beads or patterns that call for them =D>
    I've already broken 3, maybe 4 threaders trying to string beads :((
    Very happy that you found the perfect tool for your perfect tatting y-)

  3. Thank you Jane, Muskaan and Grace.

    @muskaan: dear Smiling Lady, I like a lot how you play with those smiles!

  4. That is stunning already!!!!! :)

  5. It's already beautiful and it's not even FINISHED yet! Simply gorgeous!

  6. So glad you found the perfect tool for the job.

  7. Gorgeous! Wow, this is beautiful, well worth any frustration!

  8. Very precious bracelet <3

  9. Thank you so much everyone for your comments :X :-f

  10. I love those latch hooks. I have a very tiny tiny one that goes through bugle beads and it's so useful. Beautiful bracelet! Very festive.

    1. Wow that's tinier than mine, I've tried and mine doesn't go through bugle beads. Thank you for your nice comment :)


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.