Friday, 24 February 2017

thumb up, Renulek!

I had to restart it again, after I noticed that those were not true onion rings, I had also used the JSS in the second ring but in row2 the join point in the centre is used as a connection point, too.
So, you see, the second one (on the left) has been started with one ring, then with the second shuttle I tatted the chain around it, joining the centre picot with a shuttle lock join.

That is round 1 of the new, beautiful doily by Renulek, you can find the pattern row-by-row of her Wiosna2017 in her blog, or maybe you are impatient and can have the pattern of the whole doily at her etsy shop.

I'd say "thumb up!" to Renulek, if I only can! I've installed a new app in my phone, that is called Speechnotes, that is supposed to recognise words as I speak. It works like a charm with my Italian, so I tried myself in English... "sum app, some apps, philip, humber, some apps, zumba, some app, thumbs up, some app, zumba app, sum up, the map, song app,..." Ok, I should work on it. I'm very thankful that at least I've learned to write a little!

Anyway, a new project deserves a new purse, doesn't it?

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  1. I had to start over too. I did do them as onion rings, but second time round I made a vsp after the join to join the little rings on the next round. Love your new purse!

  2. I am sure it's going to be fabulous! :)

  3. Looking at the doily, I think you just have and onion ring habit ha ha ha. I too love the little purse I have many running around my house :) and in my big purse.

  4. Jak miło wiedzieć że supłam Renulkowa serwetkę w tak miłym gronie. To będzie piękny projekt. Pozdrawiam Małgosia.

  5. The new Renulek doily looks lovely, I look forward to seeing your progress
    Lovely purse.


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