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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Having fun and messing it up

That is the new, beautiful doily "Wiosna2017" by Renulek, you can find the pattern row-by-row starting from this post:  this is the link of the first round in her blog.

Threads are size 80, DMC ecrù and blue (color n.794, Cornflower Blue - light).

Renulek's doilies are just beautiful and take hours of fun and relaxing tatting, but there's always time to mess something up. I beg your pardon, Renulek...

If you asked, yes I started round 11...

And yes, if you asked, I haven't finished round 10 yet...

Actually, I started rounds 10 and 11 together: light blue shuttles are for round 11, yellow shuttles are for round 10. I've numbered with "1" shuttles used as core thread, with "2" shuttles used as ball thread.

That's because I wanted a little challenge: tatting one ring in round 10 with the light blue thread used in round 11.

I think that this sort of experiment could go well in the series started by Muskaan "DIRECTION of Tatting : This Way or Tat? (TWoT) Series". In fact, I haven't change anything but the way to tat these two rounds all along. I'm tatting counterclockwise, chains are worked with unflipped stitches, in reverse order (second half first). I cut and hid all previous ends, but I usually leave a short tail in first round, just to find quickly the front side of the doily.

I started round 10 with the yellow shuttles and stopped before the little ring with picots:

Pick up the light blue shuttles and started round 11. When reached the point where would had been the join at the base of the ring with picots, I tatted that ring with the light blue shuttle (that one used as core thread in round 11). Before closing the loop, I passed the yellow shuttle #1 into the loop, from front to back.
Put aside the light blue shuttles, I resumed the yellow ones and continued with round 10. Sorry the doily is just out from the shuttles and it's a little worn out.

You can have the pattern of the whole doily at Renulek's etsy shop, here:

(For your info, I started this post using the mobile app "Bloggeroid for Blogger", loading all pictures, then published as draft, then later I modified the draft version from the pc and published.)
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  1. I was thinking this morning as I tatted round 11 that the chains could've been done with directional tatting. But my next thought was that that would mean a lot more winding of shuttles! I love the blue and white, so pretty. I've enjoyed the simplicity of these rounds, but I can see the case for making them more challenging!

  2. Looks like that is going to be very beautiful when finished!! :) I like the colors! :)

  3. What a great idea, I may steal it. That blue is the color of cornflowers that are just coming up in my garden. Lovely tatting.

  4. Nagyon jó a kék benne..és hogy egyszerre a két kör...és 4 hajócska...ÁÁÁÁáá Nekem még a kettő is sokszor összetekeredik..

  5. I noticed that Jane E. had done this too once with the JS giant doily long ago it is a fun way to see it more complete and you catch mistakes early too! your doily is lovely

  6. Great idea! So pretty

  7. Thank you so much everyone :-f
    Carollyn, thanks for the info, I'd look in her blog hope to find it

  8. Your doily is looking beautiful, I think your method is looking interesting

  9. What a great idea! I'm just on row 9, so I may try the same thing you are doing. It looks so pretty.

  10. Excellent !!! To me, the main challenge here is disciplining all 4 shuttles ;-P
    I have used this only once on Day 7 of Lene's snowflakes, to fix a mistake in earlier round. I was tatting with 4 shuttles for peacock colour effect. Still haven't posted to blog but I have pics on Craftree.
    You are indeed brave to do entire rounds in this fashion :-) But great effect !!!! w-)

  11. Thank you all :) it's been very helpful that the 2 couples of shuttles have different color, so I haven't confused threads

  12. Two of my favorite colors. I like working size 80 also. You make it look easy. Beautiful work.

    1. Thank you Tim for your nice comment, welcome! It is easy, when you just play and enjoy the process, without the stress of a timetable :)


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.