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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Muskaan's heart

It's lovely when a person's smile inspires us, even if he/she is someone who we've never met and don't have an idea of what their face looks like. Maybe some of you know that I've been calling Muskaan "the Smiling Lady", so here it is a link to understand the reason why (click on the "Listen" button):मुसकान

That is a little heart designed by Muskaan, that really inspires me smile:
Thread is DMC size 80. Link to her pattern is here:

I made some adaptation for I used a different thread's size. I started hiding the second colour thread inside the first stitches of the ring for the heart. I changed a little the dimple, in fact, after the third picot, I tatted 3ds, then took a loop of thread, then 3ds more and joined to the previous picot. That is like in picture 4. in this post of mine:
Then in the surrounding tatting, I started from the chain, hiding the tail of the first colour thread left at the beginning, 8ds and then the second clover and tatted her first clover in the end. Also, I tatted 9ds instead of 8 in the last chain.

I haven't tatted a lot during the last weeks. Actually, I've been knotting and embroidering, but the finished piece it's going to take a little part in a local exhibition of lace, so I can't show it till after the end of the event. Sorry dears.

I also hopefully will finish a doily. I had tatted the first 6 rounds because I thought it would have fit the dollhouse's table, but then I discovered that it 's bigger. I can't do anything else that continue it and use it in my "real-size" home 😍 . Pattern is from "Il lavoro Chiacchierino" by Mani di Fata and that is the doily on the cover of issue 13. Thread is white Anchor Artiste Mercer Crochet, size 100.

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  1. Beautiful heart square!!! :)
    And gorgeous doily!!! :)

  2. Love them both! and that heart square is on my list too. Always good to see what your fairy fingers are up too!

  3. The hearts look so good joined together! Well, your 'real life' benefits and your miniature world will need another doily. Very dainty in that thread.

  4. I like the way your heart squares put together as a square. This pattern is on my list to do,
    Beautiful doily what a pity it's to big for your dolls house but I am sure it will look beautiful in your home

  5. Excellent choice of colors that makes Muskaan's sweet square pop out! It's a classic!

  6. How did I miss this post ?! Did you hide it to surprise me, my dear Hiding Lady ;-P
    I like what you've done here. Thanks :-)


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.