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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


I thought I would have had something designed and tatted with venetian picots by the end of this month, but I haven't. Instead, I love butterflies and the past week I lost all my tatting time to catch two of them!

The first one is the butterfly designed and shared by Muskaan, she asked us to beautify her already nice pattern:

That is my version
I added some downwards facing picots, that are explained here: (she has everything about tatting! Thank you Jane Eborall!)
In the little ring for the butterfly, for example, the original stitches count is 6-10, with the downwards facing picot, it becomes: 6ds, picot, 2ds, (seta, picot, setb), 6ds.

The next picture is to scale the butterfly to her real size...
I used a thread that I hadn't tried before, it's Anchor size 70, very similar to a size 80 DMC but much more soft

I hope Muskaan likes how I added the body and the head to her butterfly. The head is a ring (3ds, long picot, 2ds, long picot, 3ds). The body is a venetian picot, I think that is easier than the puncetto tatting that I used to tat for the body of my little butterflies, back in 2011:
(there's a set in Flickr, here is the link: tutorial butterfly on cloverleaf).
But you have to be very careful when joining, in fact you see from the close up picture next here, that the venetian picots own two loops to be taken in the join, unless they unravel.

The second butterfly is the one shared this week in the Online Tatting Class:
Pattern is from "Forty Original Design in Tatting by Nellie Hall Youngburg, Novel and Unique Designs with Complete Instructions for Every Pattern Designed and Executed by Nellie Hall Youngburg, Brookings, SD ©1921."
Almost 100 years and still flying! And that is the same age of my granny...



  1. Pretty butterflies. The downward picots work well to decorate the wings, and the body is amazing.

  2. Fabulous butterflies!!! :)
    You really prettied up that first butterfly!! :)

  3. Great idea with the downward facing picots for Muskaan's butterfly. Also, it is amazing what pretty designs you can find in old books too.

  4. Lovely butterfly! Great colors and picots.

  5. I do need to add more butterflies to my collection and this looks like a great place to start I also love your wonderful butterfly design too I had to give it away so will need to start another of that one too!

  6. So perfect use of venetian picot for the body of the butterfly. Also thanks for sharing useful links.

  7. Ooo Nin, I LOVE the transformation to 3D with the body & head! Thanks for this inspiring prettiness - I will have to try it myself. I've made 4 venetian picots so far & they are very cute.
    Your downward picots are a brilliant touch to this lovely butterfly.
    Good job on the NHY butterfly as well :-)

  8. Lovely butterflies, the downward picots give a different look to the butterfly


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.