Thursday, 5 July 2018

ideas -part II

The height of tds is a 'new' designing challenge for me (and I'm loving this 😍😍😍😍😍), it gives tatting many interesting possibilities. It's not for the crochet-like appearance, because I found out - and maybe you too, who already tried - that I cannot transpose a crochet pattern with this. In fact, the technical construction is completely different: the tatted treble starts and ends at the bottom of the stitch, unlike the treble crochet. From a designing point of view, it is more similar to a sequence of picots, than a sequence of treble crochet.
That sample is tatted with Finca light gold (Hilo Metalizado, 1000mts, Presencia Hilaturas), doubled, that it is like a size 20 cotton thread. It's really difficult to take a good picture of gold thread, also it is difficult to render the 3D in a picture. The first upper photo, the collage, helps a lot, those 3 pics in sequence counterbalance the lack of dimension.
Not exactly a pattern, this is only an idea. It's like the old rosette pattern with only one shuttle. For example, it is like the star n.4 at page 45 of the book "Tatting Patterns and Designs" by Gun Blomqvist. (vsp=very small picot)
Start with a ring: 1ds, 5tds, vsp , 1ds, then close the ring and climb out of it with a "mock tds". With a size 20 it'd cup, otherwise tat 4tds instead of 5. Then tat a ring of 3ds-6ds-3ds, close it and join with a shuttle/lock stitch the nearest vsp of the centre. Continue all around, with rings of 3ds+6ds-3ds, joining the shuttle thread with lock joins to each subsequent vsp of the centre. 

I wanted to tat a flower, but if you turn it inside-out, it looks like a tiny hat.

I've also tried tatting an onion ring, the inner ring all double stitches, the outer all treble. But I didn't like it, the other version with treble inside, neither. Maybe I just need to try again. The nicest version -for me - it's the one with the outer ring with alternating double and treble, that is treble are in place of picots.
dmc size 70

Thank you very much for reading.
Before I leave you to your happy tatting, I finished the "almost magic square doily" (I wrote about it here: the chain does the trick ), so here it is:



  1. It really is something new, not just a tatted version of crochet.Well done to you! Love your almost magic square, it's so elegant.

    1. thank you dear Jane, I hope you'll find the time to try it :-f

  2. I've completed your earlier motif (happy with it) and also started this 3D flower. But a couple of the tennis matches were so exciting that I made mistakes and had to undo it. Will start afresh tomorrow.
    Excellent point about crochet vs tatting.
    Love the mat !!! Can you see a diamond-type shape in it with pointed arches? It will look great as a separate motif!

    1. Wow thank you so much :X
      Mmm, yes I've seen it, but I'm pretending I didn't c-)... :D

  3. I really like your treble ideas!!! :) And I think the onion ring looks great!! :)
    Your almost magic square is super beautiful!!! :)

  4. I like your idea of treble tatting, I look forward to seeing more
    I love,onion rings and your edging is lovely


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.