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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

treble tatting - ideas

Thanks for watching my video on treble tatting. I'd love having feedback and pictures with your samples of treble tatting, please leave a comment with your link, so everybody can enjoy, thank you very much.
treble tatting tds
The centre here is all rings (the last one is a SR),
half tatted with tds, the second half ring with ds.
I've been playing with some ideas, not really patterns, yet. I'll post my ideas as they will come, please bear with me. There are a couple more test tatted little motifs but I haven't written patterns down, fingers crossed I won't forget it!

But today I'd like posting my stitches' count for the first basic pattern, that is in the video.

From now on, I'll write "tds" for each treble double stitch, that is showed in the video, that is:
  • Start with a very small picot and one double stitch. 
  • Laying the picot across the ball thread and pull up a loop of thread through the picot. 
  • Then, take another loop of the ball thread and pull it through the previous loop.
  • Now slip the shuttle through the loop thus formed. Don't tighten it, yet. 
  • Take a loop of the core thread in the ring finger, then pass the shuttle from back to front, through the loop, 3 times. 
  • Tighten the ball thread and don't let the core thread slip out of place. 
  • Then, pull the core thread.
treble tatting tds
There is a second video,  here: , where I show you how I climbed out of a centre ring of 7 tds, with a faux tds.
treble tatting tds
For the little light blue one, under my thumb, I used DMC Special Dentelles n. 80 colour 67 Aqua.
Wind 1 shuttle and ball CTM (or 2 shuttles CTM), or use leftovers, unwinding all but the last meter. Ball thread could be added afterwords, if missing.
vsp = very small picot.

Start with a ring: 1ds, 7tds, vsp , 1ds, then close ring and climb out of it with a "mock tds" (as showed in the second video).
Split ring: 4ds/4ds.
(tat the pattern clockwise) Chain: 2ds, 1tds, vsp, 2ds, 1tds, vsp, 2ds, 1tds, vsp, 2ds. Reverse work.
Ring: 4ds, join to the space between two tds of the center, 4ds, close ring. Reverse work.
Repeat Chain and Ring, ending with a chain. Tie and cut as per your usual way.

My same old tip: have fun!


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  1. Your treble motifs are awesome!!! :) Totally inspiring!!! :)

  2. Such a wonderful spiral effect !!! Saving the patterns to try later :-)

    1. Oh, never heard of Feedspot - sorry cannot help. Hopefully some one can. And your name is short and sweet ;-P


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