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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

spiral rings with treble tatting

This is how I tat the spiral rings with tds in place of ds, just like the spiral rings by Lenka Hašková, showed in previous post: the spiral ring by Lenka
For the spiral ring in that picture, with treble tatting stitches:
  1. start a ring with one double stitch
  2. tat 8 tds (that is: I finished just after the 8th, didn't tat any other ds after that) (*)
  3. insert the shuttle inside of the loop, from front to back, before closing the ring (**)
  4. close the ring.
  5. Then, the thread is passed to the back side and pulled upwards. You see, from the next picture, that there is a little bare thread appearing between each tds, so we have a very small picot every each tds that plays hide-and-seek. I will call it the "hidden picot".  
  6. Pull the thread toward the hidden picot between the fourth and the fifth tds. Then block the spiral in position with a lock join.

(*) The number of tds can vary, of course, it depends on the pattern.
(**) The spiral can be oriented in the opposite direction, just don't insert the shuttle inside of the loop, from front to back, before closing the ring.

Depending on the pattern, any of the "hidden picots" can be used to block the spiral in position.
Beads can be added, too. I didn't took any picture, though.

I tried another version, combining ds and tds in the same spiral ring. In previous picture, I started with 13 picots separated by 1 normal ds each, then I tatted one last tds, posted the shuttle inside the loop and blocked the spiral, locking the thread in the 7th picot. The height of the picots and the last tds make the spiral look like previous all-tds spiral, but tatting this one is way too faster than tatting all tds!

The spiral rings with tds are part of the little motif showed here: fun swirly effect in treble tatting
(They resemble those cute aquarium snails, called Planorbis... 🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌)
In that motif, the "hidden picot" is between the third and the fourth tds.

I'm planning to share the pattern, starting from next week. I hope that someone of you wish to tat-along with me and I really hope to have any feedback, too.

If you like, you can start now, as the pattern starts with a lanyard of spiral rings. Actually, there are 14 spiral rings. At least, if not my motif, with 2 detached set of 2 or 3 spirals, you will have a new pair of earrings 🙇 !
I admit... that tds aren't fast tatting, definitely.
It is just like when we did the very first "flip", tricky at first but so addictive. Me too, I need more exercise.

Thinking aloud: it seems to me that tds can be used in place of double stitches in a various set of tatting techniques: rings, chains (even in place of picots), block tatting, mock rings, split rings, maltese and pearl tatting, 3D, beanile, ANKARS,... I've just scratched the surface. I need more time to try and share everything, but I know that I'm not alone. Thanks to other nice tatters, who generously share their experiments! Like Muskaan, that already shared her tips for treble tatting! 🤩
I'm a shuttle tatter, but it can be done also in needle tatting (I've put a video in YouTube to show my way to do it). I can't wait to see designers using it 😍 💌🌹

Maybe, you didn't know that "ciao" it's used in place of both "hello" and "bye" and I've learnt that we've used this word in the current way only for a couple of centuries, from the early nineteenth century, so it seems it is just as old as tatting 😍.


  1. So many possibilities Ninetta, I like the combination of the Lenka ring and the treble tatting.

  2. That is fantastic I love this use for your new stitch 🍃🌹🍃

  3. Wonderful treble spirals!! :)

  4. I want to do this and really master the trebles. Mine don't quite look like yours. It's good for me to try new, it reminds me of how learning this can be tough (I learned -gasp- forty years ago....) ciao! (I love listening to Italians saying ciao on the phone, the most I ever heard one person say it for a closing to a call was SEVEN times!

    1. Your treble will be good soon. Yes, ciao is a nice word and very informal :-f

  5. Hmmm, guess you can count me in for the tat-along ;-D
    Nice experimentation with effects !!!

    1. Oh, and what will you name the motif ?

    2. d( ah! That is going to be the real challenge =))
      What about "butterflies' swirl in treble tatting"? I can't translate "girandolina" :(( sigh! sigh!

    3. Cheer up, Nin 😉
      Grandolina sounds grand !!!
      And it could be Swirling Butterflies in English?

  6. I haven't tried treble tatting yet, but I do love the look of the spiral ring. So many things to try and so little time! :(

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Cindy. Yes, so true, little time, always...

  7. I love the spiral ring, not tried it yet, I’ve been very tried recently so I want feel fine and well before getting my head around it. It on my ever growing to do list. I think this spiral ring pattern will different for lots of many things


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