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Sunday 1 March 2015

a photo-tutorial for quad_13

I've prepared a photo tutorial of "quad_13", the same square pattern that I followed tatting the bookmark in january.

This time I've used two shuttles wound with size 40 thread in two colours, DMC ecrú and Lizbeth col.157.

Last year I put a visual pattern for this square in flickr, here is the link:
but I haven't had any feedback and there's an error, too. Sorry!

I like it a lot, so I thought to share with you some photos, while I was tatting it.

I start with two "detached" motifs, then I connect them in the very first chain. I also prepare a little loop for the magic thread trick to be used at the end of the square.

Then I put them together:

After the chain, I start the first corner: a ring with the coloured thread...

...and a bunch of rings with the ecrú thread:

Then I continue with another chain 5-5-5 and a ring, for the second side of the square:

Here it comes the SCMR in order to tat the little ring in the center:

I leave a little bare of thread when I start the central ring, that will be a mock picot there.

I should stop now but the tutorial isn't finished yet and I'll continue it in the next post.



  1. Thanks for sharing the pattern & process, Ninetta ! It is a beautiful quad :-) Would make a nice coaster in larger thread !

    1. Ty muskaan!

      In the bookmark I started with a line of split rings and climbed with a sr to the outer 5-5-5-5 ring, then there's a repetition of the side - 2 rings plus the trefoil - for all the lenght. With a thicker thread it could be a scarf!

    2. Now you're pulling my leg, N ! How thick a thread do you have in mind, for it to be a scarf , lol :-) Nevertheless, it is a good idea.... Wouldn't mind a headband or bandana either !

  2. Very Nice Ninetta! love your work and wanted a pattern of this thanks, it is a lovely demo!

  3. Love this pattern, thanks for sharing, will try this pattern when I have time

  4. Thank you very much Carollyn and Margaret

  5. Such a lovely design! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern !


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