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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

pattern ready for Valentine

This is the pattern for the earrings I showed in previous post, only text.

CTM= continuous thread method;
ds=double stitch;
tds=treble tatting stitch;
hidden picot= a very small picot every each tds;
LJ= lock join;
JSS= Join to the Smooth Side (Anne Dyer's join)

Elements in this pattern:
- Spiral ring with treble tatting;
- Mock ring (SCMR);
- Curled ring;

I chose to tat the centre and the contour in 2 different colours.

Start with one shuttle, Spiral ring: 1ds, 12tds.
Left and right earring can be tatted symmetrically, depending if you post, or don't post, the shuttle inside the spiral ring before closing it.
In my next pictures, I inserted the shuttle inside the loop around the hand. You should do yourself the other earring.
I closed the spiral ring, joining the hidden picot between the 8th and the 9th tds (there are 4 tds before the joining picot, if you count from the last tatted)

Cut the thread if you like to change colour.

I wound 2 shuttles CTM with the white thread, then I made a lock join with one shuttle to the same hidden picot where I closed the spiral ring. I hid the tail inside the first stitches in next chain.
Chain1: 25ds.
Mock ring: 3ds, picot (here it is where you can put a bead), 3ds.
Chain2: 8ds, JSS (in the hidden picot of the ring, between the 3rd and 4th tds), 12ds, LJ to the starting point of this outer round.
Without reversing work,
Chain3: 5ds
Curled ring: 6ds, picot, 6ds, close.
After that, I closed the curled ring around the Chain1 and ended the pattern finishing with an SSSR (Miranda's method) of 6ds/6ds.



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