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Tuesday, 9 April 2019


Cedronella is the Italian name of a yellow butterfly, so I called my tiny tatted butterfly after the real one:
Thread is Anchor, size 70, it is very soft, but it is thin like the DMC size 80.

Pattern is fast and easy: one shuttle and 5 rings. I finger tatted the second side of the last split ring.
Start from the upper right wing, leaving a long tail (about 10cm).
Ring1: 9ds, 5tds, very small picot, 1ds.

Then tat the bottom right wing:
Ring2: 6ds, join, like in the ANKARS down join, the hidden picot between the 3rd and 4th tds of previous ring, then 7ds, picot, 2ds, picot, 6ds.

The pattern continues with another ring:
Ring3: 6ds, join last picot in Ring2, 2ds, picot, 7ds, picot, 6ds.

The last ring is the upper right wing:
Ring4: 1ds, 2tds, TJ (treble join) to the last picot of Ring3, 3tds, very small picot, 9ds.

Finish with the "head", that is:
Split ring: 4ds/4ds.
Cut ends, that become antennas.

UPDATE: Please refer to the page "Treble Tatting Stitch - Summary" - for any info about treble tatting stitches, thank you.


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