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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

will they notice?

That's another little room:
Dimensions: 18x20cm (about 7x8inch).
Thread for the runner is twisted silk, produced by "Tecnoseta srl".

The lace around the footstool is cotton, size 100, but I cannot remember which brand is (Anchor or DMC).

The frame is a line of split rings, each one is SR: 3-2-2-3/3-2-2-3, thread is DMC size 60, ecru.

Gosh! I glued the doily upside down!

But I'm pretty sure that the Smurfs won't even notice!

Actually, I noticed it only after I enlarged the picture!

Pattern is in Flickr:
bordo dritto
Have you spotted how I've used the 1 eurocent?
Just in case you're curious, Italy no longer produces the 1 and 2 eurocent coins (since 2018, cash prices are suggested to be rounded to the nearest 5eurocent, but actually they're still used), they decided that they cost more that they are worth. I've learnt that 1 euro cent and 2cent inside are steel and outside copper (source for this info is Wikipedia - url consulted nov 20 2019).

Will we notice? Well... I've read that all those that are still circulating are estimated in 7 billion euros! We sure won't be short of them, any time soon 🙂!


P.S. The visual pattern for the "equilateral snowflake" is in Flickr:
equilateral snowflake


  1. Another very beautiful room!!! :)

  2. Your miniature rooms are amazing! What a wonderful way to show off delicate tatted lace!

  3. I love your diorama so tiny (no one can tell upside down) , I love mineratures and still enjoy making doll house items. Your patterns are fabulous thank you💐

  4. Wow! So cute mini house! and the use of cent 👍

  5. Thank you, Carollyn and Alka! 💐🥰


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.