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Tuesday, 28 July 2020

no mirror, no tiling

Celtic earrings with treble tatting stitches.
What does the title mean? You're right, I should know...
Browsing the web - trying to find any instructive site about celtic knots - I've found that Wikipedia has an entry and that at the end of the page there are some very interesting links.

One of those, it is an online celtic knot generator:

I filled the form with parameters: (3,2,0,0,no mirror, no tiling), and every time you click the "regenerate" button, you get few different drawings. I chose two of them and tried to transpose to tatting.

Thread is 4 strands Sanbest metallic thread, color numbers 17 and 1565.
If you like them, I can share the pattern. It is true celtic, because I started from celtic drawings, but they can be easily tatted with one shuttle and the ball, the weaving part being only at the end.

It's been very hard sewing ends, it seems that my eyesight is getting worse... I used the camera as it was a magnifying glass! It works wonderfully!
UPDATE: Please refer to the page "Treble Tatting Stitch - Summary" - for any info about treble tatting stitches, thank you.


  1. Wow, that’s a clever way of generating patterns and the results are spectacular.

  2. Spectacular! Your description of the knot generator reminds me of a kaleidoscope.
    This looks like a 'modern' knot, and like 2 mothers carrying their child, or like 2 musicians playing their guitar ;-D

    1. :X 🌹🌹🌹 you've great imagination my dear! I like the term modern knot!

  3. Wow!! So beautiful!! Your designs are always unique.

  4. Thank you Sue and Alka :-f very kind of you!

  5. Beautiful! I wish I had the ability to look at a Celtic knot and design some tatting. I've tried, and I just get all jumbled up. Celtic knots are fascinating!

  6. Bellissimi. Sembrano gioielli longobardi, in particolare quello con le pietre rosse! Se avrai voglia di condividere lo schema, proverò più che volentieri a cimentarmi.
    Bravissima davvero!

  7. Wow! Rewelacja! Wspaniałe wzorki, też by, tak chciała umieć 😁 Muskaan świetne skojarzenie! Faktycznie widać w tych wzorach albo matki z dzieckiem, albo muzyków z gitarą 😁

  8. Amazing and beautiful!



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